Ransomware spreaders are seen dumping Bitcoins for rival Crypto Currencies!

Ransomware spreaders or those demanding ransom in return for a decryption key to free up a ransomware attacked encrypted database are saying ‘No’ to...

VenusLocker Ransomware spreaders switch to Cryptocurrency Mining

Cyber Crooks who were behind the spread of VenusLocker Ransomware have switched to Cryptocurrency Mining targeting computer users in South Korea. And as per...

EternalRocks is more destructive than WannaCry ransomware

Researchers from Quick Heal Technologies have discovered that there exists a malware called EternalRocks which is far more destructive than WannaCry Ransomware. Though the...

All about Adylkuzz malware cyber attack!

While investigating the Wannacry Ransomware attack, researchers from cyber security firm Proofpoint discovered a new malware attack which has silently hijacked thousands of computers...
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