Morgan Stanley

Data security laxity makes Morgan Stanley pay $35 million SEC Penalty

Morgan Stanley, the world-renowned American firm that is into the business of financial investment, was slapped with a fine of $35 million by US SEC. And sources report that the penalty was pronounced by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for showing laxity in dealing with customer data. Going deep into the details, it’s learned […]

Morgan Stanley data breach details via social engineering attack

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, widely known as an asset management division of Morgan Stanley company, has issued a statement that a threat actor accessed their firm’s systems and tried to steal a portion of data. Additional media updates also included the fact that the threat actor succeeded in digitally transferring money from the company’s account […]

Morgan Stanley Customer Data accessed by hackers

Morgan Stanley, a leading company offering Financial Services in America, had made it official that some hackers infiltration into its database and accessed sensitive information related to its customers. However, the Banking firm said that the data access took place at a 3rd party server farm and was committed by exploiting a vulnerability in Accellion […]

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