Netflix password sharing crackdown yields excellent results

For all those who were accustomed to sharing their Netflix passwords with friends and family, here’s an important update on how the company has taken action against this practice. Netflix released an official statement last Wednesday, indicating that its efforts to curb password sharing have been highly successful, resulting in the addition of approximately 8.8 […]

Netflix password sharing crackdown can be hacked with a new VPN

To all those who are concerned about Netflix’s decision to ban password sharing in almost 100 countries, here’s a solution that appears to work for now. A new VPN called Meshnet allows multiple users to connect from the same IP address, using a technique known as ‘Tunneling.’ Moving forward, the popular OTT platform will no […]

Netflix password paid sharing amuses consumers to a certain extent

From March 2023, that is within 30 days, Netflix, the world-renowned streaming service provider, is all set to enforce a ban on password sharing. As it not only blocks its revenue stream but also creates multiple security issues that hackers can easily exploit, as each account has sensitive details such as email, phone number and […]

Netflix customers suffer from Phishing Attacks

Netflix customers are being warned not to disclose any personally identifiable information on emails and SMS links sent to them by the video streaming firm, as the links and the impersonation is fake and a part of a fraudulent data harvesting campaign. According to a report published by INKY, a cloud based email security service […]

Netflix bans password sharing to cut misuse

Netflix, which is struggling to keep its profits margin intact for the past few quarters, has finally banned the password-sharing activity among its users. Earlier, one subscriber used to pay for the premium service and used to share that single password with near and dear. Now, the streaming behemoth has ended this menace as it […]

Netflix to use AI to track down password sharing users

Many of us are in a habit of sharing our Netflix passwords with close relatives and friends. But soon, this practice is going to be blocked by the video streaming service with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Yes, you’ve read it right! Video software provider Synamedia unveiled the latest product at the CES 2019 which […]

Beat Netflix VPN Ban

Netflix and Distributors Netflix and VPNs VPNs That Beat the Netflix Ban Conclusion Not everyone realizes it, but Netflix has a different library of movies and TV shows for every country that it is active in. It’s not alone in this: Hulu and Amazon as well as some Kodi repos have the same restriction. What makes the […]

Learn about Password Spray Attacks

Despite many people screeching for online security, big tech companies are still allowing their users to utilize basic passwords as logins. This includes companies like Netflix, Wikipedia, Reddit and Amazon which allow simple credentials like a surname, date of birth or the email username as access IDs to their online services. In the past two […]

Netflix Email Scam steals people’s credit card details!

Hackers have targeted more than 110 million Netflix Subscribers with an email scam and are said to have succeeded in stealing people’s credit card details to a certain extent. The online streaming company which was enlightened on this issue by Mailguard- an Email security firm said that it is contacting the impacted customers to warn […]

Was Netflix Ransomware attack a publicity stunt?

Recent media reports suggest that the latest episodes of the Netflix’s popular show ORANGE were held for ransom by hackers who released some of the video clippings to the web for authenticity. The hacker named “ The Dark Overload” claims to have stolen at least 30 files containing more than 15 episodes of the ‘Orange […]

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