New York City

Ransomware attack news of Monroe College and La Porte County

Monroe College which is in New York City has reported yesterday that its servers were encrypted with ransomware who were demanding $2 million ransom to free up the database from the malware. What’s interesting in this news piece is that the cyber incident came into light just after few weeks when reports came in that […]

Ransomware attack on New York Capital City Albany

Albany, which happens to be the capital city of New York is reported to have been hit by a ransomware attack on Saturday last week. And government authorities report that all city services except those marked to issue birth, death and marriage certificates will resume their operations as usual from Monday afternoon. Albany Mayor Kathy […]

American Cybersecurity Conference on British Warship

HMS Queen Elizabeth, a £3.1 billion worth warship is all set to host a conference on cybersecurity when it arrives in New York City this week. According to the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders the biggest aircraft carrier of UK dubbed as ‘Big Lizzie’ is already in the waters of “Big Apple” and will be […]

NYC offers a Mobile Security app to protect Smart Phones from Cyber Threats

New York City(NYC) Mayor Bill De Blasio has launched a new mobile security app for Android and iOS platforms yesterday and said that it will help smartphone users to secure their handsets from the cyber threats prevailing in the current cyber landscape. The basic objective of the ‘NYC Secure’ app is to protect New Yorkers […]

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