North Korea

Two Chinese nationals indicted by the US for North Korea Cyber Attack

US Justice Department has indicted two nationals from China in relation to the billions of laundering in relation to the Pyongyang Weapons program. Therefore, the indictment stands as the first legal order against Kim Jong UN-led nation who is known to launch cyber attacks on banks and cryptocurrency outlets operating worldwide to fund his nuclear […]

Microsoft Windows experiences Cyber Threat from North Korea Thallium

Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) has confirmed that a North Korean hacking group code-named as Thallium by Microsoft researchers is targeting windows loaded systems of well-known celebrities which includes University staff, political think tanks, those operating nuclear grids, as well as activists working for world peace and human rights. The DCU of Microsoft says that […]

US sanctions North Korea for Lazarus, Bluenoroff and Andariel launched Global Cyber Attacks

North Korea and its leader Kim Jong-UN was left embarrassed last Friday when US authorities issued sanctions against 3 North Korean State-funded hacking groups named Lazarus, Bluenoroff and Andariel for launching Global Cyber Attacks to fund Pyongyang’s illicit weapon and missile programs. A fresh media statement issued by the US says that the above said […]

North Korea launches Cyber Attacks on Bitcoin exchanges to fund sanctions

A recent report released by United Nations says that North Korea is trying to come out of the repercussions of sanctions by launching cyberattacks on Bitcoin exchanges and those buying them. Therefore, the Kim Jong Un nation is said to have launched over 17 attacks on companies operating in over 35 countries and more such […]

North Korea generated $2 billion from Cyber Attacks to fund its nuclear intentions

In a shocking revelation made by Reuters, North Korea is reported to have generated an estimated $2 billion to fund its nuclear intentions- all through increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. These facts were revealed by a secret report sent by UN which was compiled by an independent experts committee which was monitoring the events over six […]

North Korea Cyber Attacks being copied by other hacking groups in the world

Finland based Cybersecurity startup F-Secure claims that cyberattacks launched by hacking groups linked to the North Korean government are now being copied by other hacking groups across the world. While cyber-attacks on financial corporations have become an objective for hackers backed by the government-run by Kim UN Jong, organized crime groups across the world are […]

North Korea initiates ‘Operation Sharpshooter’ Cyber Attack Espionage Campaign

Lazarus Group also is known as Hidden Cobra in the dark world is said to have launched a global cyber-espionage campaign with the name ‘Operation Sharpshooter’. Researchers from the privately held American Cybersecurity firm McAfee were the first one to discover this spying campaign in Dec’18 who later came to a conclusion that the cyber […]

North Korea’s dangerous weapon is Cyber Attacks and not Nukes

As US President Donald Trump met North Korean leader Kim Jong UN in Hanoi, Vietnam this week, the world expected a peace between the two leaders. Though all seems to be well as of now, they are high-level chances that things might turn bitter after a few days of the meeting. Remember, this was the […]

DOJ discloses North Korean Joanap Botnet Cyber Attack

Department of Justice(DOJ) has disclosed details of a fresh cyber attack which was launched on the critical infrastructure of the United States and is all set to issue a warning soon to victims who were infected by with Joanap Botnet launched and developed by a hacking group being funded by North Korean government. Recently, the […]

Taiwan accuses China, Russia, and North Korea of launching Cyber Attacks

Taiwan, a small island near to the borders of China and Japan says that countries like China, Russia, and North Korea are using the nation as a testing mule for an onslaught of cyber attacks. The leaders of the nation say that China and Russia are using it as a testing ground before targeting the […]

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