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Cyber Attack news for the day

Bristol Airport has issued an official statement a few hours ago saying that a cyber attack caused the information screens to go out of service on both Friday and Saturday. As a result of this glitch, the airport witnessed a meltdown for 3 full days making holidaymakers read their flight departure times off whiteboards spread […]

US to sue North Korea for Wannacry and Sony Cyber Attacks

United States Department of Justice has decided to indict a North Korean with dual- charges of spreading WannaCry Ransomware attack around the world and cyber attacking the database of Sony Corp in 2014. The plan of US behind this accuse is to name & shame the alleged perpetrators so that countries like Russia, China and […]

China, Russia, and Iran are top cyber threats to the United States

A report from the National Counterintelligence and Security Center released on Thursday states that China, Russia, and Iran are the top cyber adversaries to the US as these three nations have been caught red-handed conducting foreign economic and industrial espionage on American soil. The NCSC report says that the said three nations have been consistently […]

Microsoft warns US Government of Facial Recognition Use abuse

For the first time in history, Microsoft which is a top American technology company has come into open to criticize the use of facial recognition technology by the US government. It says the abuse of the technology will create hurdles to the law of protecting people’s privacy and freedom of expression. In a blog post […]

Start your week with these news snippets related to Cyber Security

Fifa World Cup Apps are vulnerable to cyber threats- San Francisco based mobile security company named Pradeo has found that almost all the Euro Sports Apps related to the FIFA World Cup Football are filled with over 63 vulnerabilities each related to Cyber Threat. This includes apps which have been downloaded more than 1000 to […]

North Korea uses Samsung, Microsoft and Apple technology to carry out Cyber Attacks

A recent study made on the cyberattacks launched by North Korea proves that the Kim Jong UN-led country employs hacking technology coming from the Donald Trump-led United States. A Massachusetts based Cybersecurity Intelligence company named Recorded Future has discovered in its research that North Korean government is using devices from Microsoft, Apple and Korea based […]

FBI Agent maps out countries which are Cyber Threats to the United States

FBI Agent Aristedes Mahairas who works for New York FBI’s Cyber Division has mapped out countries which prove as severe cyber threats to the United States. In a statement released on Monday, Mahairas alleged that Russia, China, Iran and North Korea will always be a cyber threat to the nation unless the Trump Administration takes […]

UK decides to name and shame Countries which are behind cyber attacks

The United Kingdom has finally decided to name and shame all those countries which are trying to launch or have launched cyber attacks on its critical infrastructure. The names include Russia, North Korea, and other states which are alleged to be behind the cyber assaults on Britain’s infrastructure on a previous note. UK’s Attorney General […]

North Korea to launch global Cyber Attacks via ‘Operation GhostSecret’

A research carried out by ‘McAfee’ states that North Korea is in an intention to launch global cyber attacks of severe scale via Operation Ghost Secret. The research said that the attack campaign has targeted 17 countries so far including the United States and has focused on stealing military secrets and cyber provocations. McAfee LLC […]

Britain and US jointly vow to fight back Russian Cyber Attacks

The Military and Intelligence Chiefs of the United States and Britain have officially declared that they will work together to take on the cyber threats posed by enemies like Putin’s Russia and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. Issuing a public statement on this note on Sunday, the leaders of GCHQ and the UK’s Joint Forces […]

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