North Korea

North Korea to turn aggressive towards the US via Cyber Attacks

United States which is getting ready for a World War 3 against North Korea (NK) received a severe jolt at the end of last week when the NK leader Kim Jong UN said that his nation is not going to take the actions of Trump government lightly anymore. Mr. Kim Jong UN added that his […]

US to intensify its Cyber Attack campaign against North Korea

The United States is all set to intensify its cyber attack campaign against North Korea in coming weeks. As per a news report aired by Sky News, the federal government is all set to intensify its cyber and electronic warfare against its enemy nations such as Russia, China, and North Korea. According to the New […]

North Korea to retaliate US Cyber attacks with Nuclear War

The United States is ready to launch cyber attacks capable of deterring North Korea’s intentions to launch Nuclear tests on this weekend. A senior US intelligence officer reported to NBC news that officials from White House and some senior level military officers are trying to communicate to figure out the level of concern and the […]

North Korea missile test foiled by US Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks launched by the United States have succeeded in thwarting North Korea’s missile test made on Wednesday- all a part of a program to sabotage North Korea’s dark intentions of strengthening its nuclear power. As per our sources, the in-flight failure and the crash of missile due to a technical snag confirm that the […]

North Korea Cyber Attacking banks around the world to fund its nuclear program

Researchers from Kaspersky Lab claimed that North Korea is launching cyber attacks on Banks around the world in order to fund its Nuclear Program. The cyber security firm added that it has enough digital evidence to prove that N Korea was involved in last Year’s cyber heist of $81 million siphoned from the account of […]

North Korea takes hackers on lease to launch cyber attacks on other nations!

The North Korean government seems to be banking on cyber attacks these days as it is hiring other nation hackers on lease to launch cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of developed nations. As per a report compiled by a group of reporters from the New York Times, the said nation is trying to launch […]

North Korea tags the United States as a Hacking Empire

A couple of months ago, United States accused North Korea of launching cyber attacks on many international banks and other institutions all around the world. Early this week, North Korea reacted to these allegations by saying that it has no need to indulge in such activities and added that United States was, in fact, hosting […]

Donald Trump orders for cyber attacks on North Korean nuclear testing

Donald Trump seems to have inherited the legacy of former US President Barack Obama as he has asked his officials to step up their cyber and electronic strikes against North Korea’ nuclear test launches. From 2012, Barack Obama was not impressed with the way United States missile defense systems were being prepared. Perhaps his thinking […]

Cyber Attacks on International Banks linked to North Korea

As per the latest study conducted by security researchers from Symantec Corp and BAE Systems PLC, the wave of cyber attacks which are being launched on Financial Institutions in the US, Mexico, and UK have originated from North Korea. The study also confirms that the attacks share traits with the Sony Hack which took place […]

North Korea cyber attacks military data of South Korea

South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense has confirmed the BBC report which said that North Korea succeeded in contaminating the military database network of its nation with dreaded malware. The Cyber investigative team of the Republic of Korea has confirmed the news and said that extent of infiltration was not yet known. Early this year, […]

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