NSA offers tips to safeguard home networks from cyber attacks

National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States has issued some tips to safeguard home networks from cyber attacks and they are as follows: 1.)   Always use the latest operating systems, browsers and applications that are updated with regular security patches. As such, environments cut down the vulnerability risks by 60%. 2.)   Keep the router […]

US NSA hacks Chinese Aviation University

For the first time in the history of cyber attacks, a China-based university serving Aviation industry has accused the United States National Security Agency (NSA) for hacking into its servers to steal intelligence related to aviation, aerospace and navigation study material. According to ‘The Global Times’, Northwestern Polytechnical University based in Shaanxi Province of China […]

Ten years old NSA backed Linux Backdoor Vulnerability detected now

A ten years old Linux backdoor linked to National Security Agency of United States was detected freshly, and analysis confirmed that the backdoor was existing from the past 10 years. Dubbed as Bvp47 and linked to Equation Group-an NSA funded threat actor was first detected by anti-virus firm Virus Total in 2013. However, for reasons, […]

US NSA offers new security protocols for DNS Enterprise Environments

United States National Security Agency (NSA) is advising enterprise network admins to follow the new set of protocols to secure DNS servers that help eliminate eavesdropping, data exfiltration, and manipulation of web traffic. The new set of guidelines issued by NSA is said to help mobile & remote workers connecting to corporate servers securely and […]

NSA has been secretly recording phone calls of American Populace

Barton Gellman, a journalist by profession and the man who shared NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s classified documents to the world has revealed in his book that the National Security Agency has been recording phone calls of the American populace for years and has created a database which could create a profile of a person based […]

NSA offers Cloud Security guidance in the wake of Azure errors

As companies are struggling to mitigate cloud vulnerabilities, The National Security Agency has taken the initiative to the framework and published new guidelines helpful to mitigate cloud vulnerabilities.   In recent times, as large cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have failed to avoid data breaches on their respective platforms […]

Ransomware threat to Microsoft Windows users

The US National Security Agency has warned all Windows PC users to make sure that their operating systems are well updated. Or else, the older versions of the programs will become super-vulnerable to malware says the law enforcement agency renowned across the globe. Last week, Microsoft also issued a security warning that all older versions […]

Two years passed since WannaCry Cyber Attack

On May 12th, 2017 i.e almost two years ago, around 250,000 computers were infected by a malware called WannaCry which encrypted data on the systems causing billions of losses to companies and individuals. The malware spread was so quick that thousands of computers operating in over 150 countries were infected by the virus within a […]

NSA hacking tools were stolen by China and used to launch cyber attacks

In a startling revelation made by New York Times(NYT) early today, China is now facing a new allegation of stealing hacking tools from National Security Agency and using them against American allies and private firms operating in Europe and Asia. Thus, the new allegation put forward by the American media resource clearly suggests that the […]

Cyber Attack on UK Ministry of Defense

According to a news report of Sky News, the UK’s Ministry of Defense(MoD) has witnessed a total of 37 cyber attack incidents last year. And the blame is reportedly been put on the renowned Chinese hackers group named APT10. However, the report disclosed by the UK’s top-notch news channel doesn’t r reveal the facts on […]

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