2019 Endpoint Security Report: Risk and Worry Increases Among Infosec Pros

Frustration and anxiety. Those are two words that come to mind after reading Cybersecurity Insiders’ 2019 Endpoint Security Report. A majority of organizations report an increase in the risk to their endpoints as the number of new threats, particularly fileless malware, advanced attacks and evasive threats, continues to rise. Many have responded by increasing their endpoint security […]

The Healthcare Issue Both Parties Must Support: Improving Cybersecurity

Tom Sullivan (@SullyHIT) at HealthcareITNews and FierceHealthcare’s Evan Sweeney (@@DB_Sweeney) have both written interesting analyses of what last week’s midterm elections may mean for advancing healthcare IT-related issues. The consensus among many of the experts Sullivan and Sweeney interviewed is that lawmakers should place improving the nation’s healthcare IT infrastructure, including hardening its cybersecurity posture, at the top of […]

Nyotron Webinar: Live Hacking Using Russia’s Favorite TTPs

U.S. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats says the country’s digital infrastructure is under constant attack by state-sponsored cyber attackers from Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. He even compares the situation today to the months before September 11, 2001, adding “here we are nearly two decades later, and the warning lights are blinking red again.” Why […]


Today, we are reviewing Nyotron’s last line of defense for endpoints, appropriately named PARANOID, an endpoint protection solution that works seamlessly with existing endpoint security solutions to create an almost impenetrable defense against even the most sophisticated attacks. Acting as the last line of defense – after threats bypass all perimeter and endpoint security layers […]

Why Successful Point-of-Sale (POS) Attacks Will Only Increase

Unless you’ve been living down in the bat cave, you’ve heard about the theft of more than five million credit cards from Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue. This is being called one of the largest attacks ever on a retailer and is putting increased focus on defensive measures against hacking of credit card […]

A New Perspective on Endpoint Security

Here’s a short recap of one of the more interesting observations by Nyotron’s CTO Nir Gaist during a recent Down the Security Rabbit Hole Podcast on endpoint security. He argues that security hasn’t really changed in over 30 years! Most, including Gaist, acknowledge that next-generation antivirus (NGAV), which uses techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI) […]

Windows 10’s Controlled Folder Access Won’t Protect Your Data

What is Controlled Folder Access? With the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft added a new feature called Controlled Folder Access (CFA) to Windows Defender Exploit Guard. This features allows users to control which processes can access certain folders to help protect data from malicious programs, such as ransomware or wipers. CFA is […]

The Evolution of Endpoint Security

Malware is winning… “Sometime around 1992 the amount of Badness in the Internet began to vastly outweigh the amount of Goodness.”1 Endpoint security is constantly changing with the malware landscape, but has had a lot of challenges keeping up with unknown threats. Here’s a quick overview of how endpoint protection has evolved from traditional antivirus […]

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