Feel free to launch Cyber Attacks

US President Donald Trump is reported to have authorized the cyber warriors working for his country to conduct cyber attacks on adversaries in a retaliation bid. Pronouncing the same the White House issued classified orders on Thursday last week, wiping away all previous restrictions put forward during Obama administration. In today’s age, we need to […]

Donald Trump reverses the Barack Obama era Cyber Attack rules

US President Donald Trump has decided to reverse the cyber attack rules of the Obama era. A decision on this was taken last month and on Wednesday this week, an order reversing the rules was signed by the 45th president. Known as Presidential Policy Directive 20, the order drafted and implemented during the era of […]

Obama had a plan to combat cyber attacks on Election Day

Former US President Barack Obama had plans to combat cyber attacks on Election Day. And this surprising news was leaked out to Time by a close associate who worked for Obama administration until last year. Time reported that the plan to combat cyber attacks on election day included ideas such as sending armed federal law […]

Obama admin knew that the evidence of Russia cyber attacking US elections 2016 will be destroyed

The New York Times has published some astonishing facts in one of its latest political posts related to US polls 2016 being influenced by Russia. The renowned news resource clearly mentioned that some of the officials of Obama administration rushed to preserve intelligence of Russia Election Hacking in January this year. This clearly specifies that […]

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