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Google blocked billions of malicious app downloads

Google released a press update at the end of last month saying it has blocked billions of malicious app downloads from its Play Store. The said goal was achieved as the web search giant blocked about 1.2 million apps from being published to its app store for breaching its policies and exhibiting malevolent behavior. Internet […]

Mobile Security alert as Google removes 600 apps downloaded 4.5 billion times

Google has stated that it has removed over 600 apps from its Play Store- howbeit not before there were downloaded 4.5 billion times on an overall note. The intention of the tech giant with the move was clear; to keep its apps store free from spam which violated its ad policies. According to the statement […]

Egypt spies on its citizens through the Google Play Store

All those who are living in an around the region of Egypt are hereby informed that those who have downloaded apps from Google Play Store or downloaded the application downloading platform to their mobile phones are being subjected to a state-funded espionage campaign. The objective of this campaign is simple- to keep an eye on […]

Cyber Attack news for the day

1.) To all those who are still using Windows 7 operating system loaded PCs and Laptops, here’s a piece of bad news. Microsoft has announced that it is going to end support to its popular operating system from news January and so PCs which run on the said obsolete OS will become vulnerable to cyber […]

Popular Chinese weather app collects sensitive data from users

Popular Chinese weather app has been accused of collecting huge amounts of sensitive info from its users without their consent. “Weather Forecast- World Weather Accurate Radar” is the android application in question and is reported to have a download count of nearly 10 million with over 46,000 reviews on Google Play Store. According to a […]

Oxford University study surges privacy concerns among Google Play Store Users

Oxford University’s recent study has revealed that most of the free apps prevailing on Google Play Store share user data with the company. This includes details such as age, gender, location, and details of other apps working on the phone. The research further adds that 90% of the free apps on the Google Play Store […]

Google offers bug bounty program to enhance Mobile Security to its users

Google is offering a bug bounty program in order to identify flaws on Android Apps available on its Google Play Store. The internet juggernaut has promised to pay a reward of $1000 for each flaw under this program which was announced on Thursday this week. The aim is to back up Google’s automated checks which […]

Minecraft infects Android Phones with Trojan Malware

World-renowned adventurous game Minecraft is now in the news for all wrong reasons.  Security experts from Symantec have discovered that the game has the potential to hijack a mobile with Sockbot malware and turn it into a botnet. Researchers from the said Cybersecurity firm has discovered that the Trojan links infected devices to a proxy […]

Mobile Security alert for users of Android Apps!

Mobile Security Company Lookout has reported that more than 500 apps on Google Play Store contain adverting malware which has the capability to download nefarious plug-ins that can spy on Android users. This includes call history, contacts, images, photos, messages, and content related to banking apps such as e-wallets. The bad news is that the […]

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