Microsoft offers playbook to businesses on Cyber Attack Defense

Many company leaders, especially those leading SMBs are having very little knowledge on how to defend their businesses from cyberattacks or how to respond to such situations. Therefore, Microsoft, a leading American technology company has offered a playbook to help firms raise their defense line against cyber attacks. Going forward, the playbook is a free […]

Cisco sends fake phishing emails to its employees

Networking Giant Cisco has sent its employee’s fake phishing emails in order to train them against cyber attacks. The objective was to educate them on how phishing emails hit targets and how a corporate network can be defended against such attacks. Steve Martino, the Chief Information Security Officer at Cisco is said to have developed […]

Microsoft offers a new playbook on Cloud Security

American software giant Microsoft has advocated a 228-page playbook in which it predicts that managed security services market is expected to reach nearly $41 billion on a global note in just next five years. The Security Practice Development Playbook of Microsoft views that that playbook will help all its partners to have a strong security […]

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