Power grids

Cyber Attack on London Power Grid could cost £111 million per day

A Cyber Attack on the power grid of London could not only leave more than 1.5 million people in dark but could also cost the city a loss of £111 million per day says a new study made by ITRC of the University of Oxford. According to a study conducted by the UK Infrastructure Transitions […]

Cyber attacks can cause transformer explosions

When the LaGuardia airport located in the northern part of New York City witnessed a blackout on December 28th of last month. Officials initially said that the disruption could have been caused by a power surge pushing the airport into the dark for well over 45 minutes and grounding flights for almost 2 hours. But […]

Cyber Attack news for the day

On October 31st, 2018 the third phase of the public hearing has started on the Cyber Attack related to SingHealth. And to surprise us all, some interesting facts came into light. This includes the reality that the senior manager and some senior staff members of the healthcare provider showed reluctance in disclosing the cyber incident […]

Hackers cyber attack US Power firms with a new malware

Hackers have targeted the power firms operating in the United States with a new malware called Industry or Crash Override. But the best part is that the attack was pre-estimated by the National Security Agency in time which averted a major outage hitting the metropolitan cities of United States. Two cyber security firms named ESET […]

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