North Korea generated $2 billion from Cyber Attacks to fund its nuclear intentions

In a shocking revelation made by Reuters, North Korea is reported to have generated an estimated $2 billion to fund its nuclear intentions- all through increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. These facts were revealed by a secret report sent by UN which was compiled by an independent experts committee which was monitoring the events over six […]

North Korea to launch global Cyber Attacks via ‘Operation GhostSecret’

A research carried out by ‘McAfee’ states that North Korea is in an intention to launch global cyber attacks of severe scale via Operation Ghost Secret. The research said that the attack campaign has targeted 17 countries so far including the United States and has focused on stealing military secrets and cyber provocations. McAfee LLC […]

North Korea to turn aggressive towards the US via Cyber Attacks

United States which is getting ready for a World War 3 against North Korea (NK) received a severe jolt at the end of last week when the NK leader Kim Jong UN said that his nation is not going to take the actions of Trump government lightly anymore. Mr. Kim Jong UN added that his […]

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