Ransomware as a service

All about Yatron Ransomware using EternalBlue NSA Exploit

Ransomware news is out that a new kind of Ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) variant is on the prowl on the dark web which is spreading widely by using the EternalBlue NSA exploits. Dubbed as ‘Yatron Ransomware’ the said malware is being promoted on Twitter by its creator. And a security researcher with the name ‘The Shadow’ was […]

Ransomware is now available as a service for $175

Recorded Future, a threat intelligence company has recently discovered that ransomware is nowadays available as a service for just $175. Diana Granger and Andrei Barysevich- researchers from Recorded Future have found that a dark web forum from Russia is selling a ransomware called Karmen for a cheap price. The said malware which requires very little […]

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