Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attack on Demant fetches $95 million loss and FBI on Meridian Cyber Attack

Denmark based hearing aid manufacturer Demant has released an official statement yesterday stating that the ransomware attack which took place on its database early last month could fetch a $95 million loss to the company in the current financial year. The loss includes disruption of services, recovery, IT staffs extra pay to probe and contain […]

Ransomware attack on Power supply leaves Johannesburg citizens in the dark

A ransomware attack which took place on the network of Johannesburg Electricity Supplier ‘City Power’ is said to have left thousands in dark without power. The company which purchases, distributes and sells power to the city’s financial hub admitted that it became a victim of a malware attack which disrupted the network of pre-paid electric […]

Ransomware attack on EnerMech and Father Bill’s & MainSpring

EnerMech LTD, a UK based company which supplies engineering and mechanical equipment to energy and Oil & Gas firms across the globe has released a press statement on last weekend saying its computer systems were hit by a malware attack since Friday morning forcing the company to send more than half of its staff to […]

Ransomware attack on Cloud Service Provider Insynq

Washington based company Insynq which offers application hosting and managed IT services for businesses and professionals is reported to have become a victim of a ransomware attack on July 16th, 2019. The malware attack is said to have led to the disruption of cloud services for many accounting firms including those offering QuickBooks accounting services. […]

Stafford County Ransomware Attack was launched from Overseas

Agent Timothy Benitez from the United States secret services and officials from the Stafford County have released a joint statement yesterday saying that the ransomware attack launched on its digital assets in June this year was launched from overseas. Getting into the details, county workers realized that the dispatch center was hit by a cyber […]

Ransomware attack news of Monroe College and La Porte County

Monroe College which is in New York City has reported yesterday that its servers were encrypted with ransomware who were demanding $2 million ransom to free up the database from the malware. What’s interesting in this news piece is that the cyber incident came into light just after few weeks when reports came in that […]

Cyber Attack on Marriott and Ransomware attack on California Healthcare

A 2018 Cyber Attack on Marriott which disclosed data of more than 339 million guest records has now earned a penalty of £99 million from the British data watchdog. A statement issued on Tuesday by UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) says that its the second major penalty issued by the watchdog in two days- following […]

Cyber Attack news trending now on Google

1.) Paying a ransom to hackers seems to be picking up as a trend these days as another city from Florida is alleged to have bowed down to the demands of hackers on a recent note. On Tuesday this week, the news was out that the Lake City of Florida has paid hackers up to […]

Ransomware attack on Auburn Food Bank

Auburn Food Bank of Washington has admitted that it has become a victim of a ransomware attack recently bringing its entire computer network to halt. The authorities have confirmed that only one PC on the network was safe from being encrypted and so is being used for the digital charity activities for time being. Auburn […]

Ransomware attack on Eurofins cuts of its ties with UK Police

Belgium based scientific testing laboratory Eurofins has unfortunately encountered a ransomware attack on its digital assets on June 2nd this year. And the security breach has made the UK police suspend its ties with Europe’s forensic firm. Technically speaking, the firm which is actually headquartered in Brussels provides clinical research for companies and government organizations […]

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