Ransomware Attack

Florida City pays $600,000 to hackers for a ransomware attack

In a first of its kind big payment made to those spreading ransomware in this year on an official note, leaders of a Florida City have decided to pay $600,000 to hackers in order to decrypt their city’s computer systems. Although the law enforcement agencies like FBI discourages such practice, the chief of Riviera Beach, […]

Aircraft parts manufacturer Asco hit by a ransomware attack

New Jersey-based aircraft manufacturer ASCO which also happens to be one of the world’s biggest suppliers of airplane parts has revealed that its servers have fallen prey to a ransomware attack. The company which actually operates from Zaventem, Belgium said that the IT disruption led to the operations shut down in its plan leaving 1000 […]

Google trending Cyber Attack news for the day

1.) In the first of the Cyber Attack news which is trending on Google, TalkTalk hacker who blackmailed the chief executive officer of the company Dido Harding has been jailed for 4 full years. Daniel Kelley, from South Wales, was a black hat hacker who failed in GCSE grades and wanted to achieve something thrilling […]

Baltimore ransomware attack to cost $18 million

On May 7th this year the city of Baltimore witnessed a ransomware attack on its servers as a result of which tax payment services, land dealings, and many other civic utility services were disrupted since then. A detailed inquiry made by the officials on May 8th this year revealed that the servers were attacked by […]

Ransomware attack on Baltimore City

A ransomware attack which took place on the Baltimore city servers has made the mayor announce an immediate shut of IT services as an emergency. However, essential services like police, fire, EMS and 311 were brought back to life after an interim shutdown of 45 minutes on Tuesday. Baltimore city Mayor Bernard C Jack Young […]

Ransomware attack on Telangana and Andhra Pradesh power utilities

1.) A ransomware attack on the websites of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh power utilities is said to have forced the related officials to pull their respective websites offline. The restoration of the data is going on full swing and most of the systems might get restored by the day end of Friday. News is out […]

Ransomware attack disrupts Sunday Newspaper edition of The Watertown Daily Times

A ransomware attack which took place on The Watertown Daily Times is said to have encrypted the database of the media company on a partial note. Highly placed sources say that the malware attack led to the disruption of the Sunday and Monday edition of printing and distribution of the daily edition, but did not […]

Ransomware attack disrupts The Weather Channel for 90 minutes

The Weather Channel, a pay television channel of America and a business unit of Entertainment Studios was hit by a ransomware attack yesterday which led to 90-minute downtime of live broadcasting in early hours of today. Later the anchors returned to the show and informed viewers that a malware attack on its database caused the […]

Ransomware attack on US Cybersecurity firm Verint

New York-based cybersecurity firm Verint Systems has made it official that some of its IT infrastructure were down due to an impact from a ransomware attack. What’s intriguing in this story is that the same firm alerts around 180 multinational companies about possible cyber attacks on their infrastructure on a yearly note. Cybersecurity Insiders has […]

Malware and ransomware attack on Medical Devices

Cybersecurity in the healthcare environment has turned into a serious issue these days, especially when medical devices are being hacked and used to intercept company networks. And if near future is taken into account then the said cyber threat is going to deteriorate when IoT takes on the healthcare sector with more and more health […]

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