Ransomware threat to diminish in this year 2024

Exciting news arrives amidst the relentless surge of ransomware assaults that have plagued individuals and corporations, escalating into double and triple extortion schemes, instigating apprehension among internet users. However, a glimmer of hope emerges from the latest findings of a Cyberint study, indicating a decline in ransomware incidents during the first quarter of 2024, with […]

Ransomware criminals target backups for assured ransom

In recent times, the importance of maintaining efficient data backups as a defense against ransomware attacks has been repeatedly emphasized by security experts and law enforcement agencies. However, what happens when even these backups fall victim to encryption or deletion? According to a report by Sophos, a prominent cybersecurity firm, a staggering 94% of organizations […]

Cybersecurity trends: Some rays of hope among the dark clouds

[By Dov Lerner, Cybersixgill] Cybersecurity veterans often have a pessimistic view of the industry’s trends: attacks seem to be always on the rise, threat actors become more sophisticated, and breaches grow costlier than ever to their victims.   I’m happy to note that there’s some good news for a change, as my company discovered while […]

Ransomware attack on Big Issue and University of Winnipeg

The Qilin Ransomware group is under scrutiny for breaching the servers of the UK-based newspaper ‘The Big Issue Group.’ Reports indicate that the perpetrators successfully accessed confidential data from the victim and are now holding the entire database hostage, encrypting it until a ransom is paid. The Big Issue, a newspaper primarily serving the homeless […]

Ransomware turns innovative and hides in websites where files are being uploaded

In recent times, the landscape of malware attacks has evolved beyond the traditional encryption tactics followed by ransom demands. A new breed of ransomware has emerged, distinct in its approach – it locks users from uploading files to websites. Researchers at FIU Cybersecurity have conducted an extensive analysis, revealing a troubling trend: certain websites are […]

FBI and Interpol issue cyber alerts on ransomware and pig butchering scams

The FBI, renowned for its investigative prowess, has disclosed a troubling statistic: nearly 20% of all ransomware attacks targeting critical infrastructure in the United States were aimed at the healthcare sector. This revelation underscores growing concerns about the safety and integrity of modern healthcare systems entrusted with sensitive patient data. The agency’s announcement comes amidst […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

Alabama state websites down due to DDoS attacks Alabama state websites experienced a cyber disruption today as several government URLs were targeted by a sophisticated attack initially thought to be a variant of Ransomware but later identified as a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The Alabama Office of Information Technology assured that there was […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

Hamilton city announces emergency after ransomware attack It seems like there’s a surge in ransomware attacks lately, affecting various sectors from municipal services to healthcare and even international politics. The situation in Hamilton City sounds quite serious, especially with essential services like phone lines and public transportation being disrupted since February 26,2024. Mayor Andrea Horwath’s […]

Can ban on ransom payments block ransomware spread

Recently, the FBI initiated a global operation aimed at disrupting the infrastructure utilized by the ALPHV hackers responsible for spreading ransomware. Despite this effort, the criminal group managed to bounce back swiftly and launched even more sophisticated attacks. Just a short while ago, the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) launched Operation Cronos to counter the […]

Ransomware infection reach extends to Data Backups

For years, IT experts have emphasized the importance of maintaining backups for data and applications, highlighting their crucial role in swiftly recovering from cyber-attacks. Indeed, having such backup systems in place can preserve data continuity during unexpected incidents, thereby minimizing downtime. However, recent discussions on platforms like Reddit have challenged the notion that all backup […]

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