Google updates about mobile security measures on its Android Nougat

Google has given an update about the mobile security measures which are being implemented in its latest Android 7.0 Nougat (N) release. And it stressed on the fact that the new version of the mobile operating system has the ability to protect N OS users against ransomware. Detailing about it, in the latest blog update, […]

Apple offers Safari Browser update to tackle fake ransomware

Apple Inc has issued a software update to tackle the circulation of a fake ransomware attack which demands money in order to unlock the handset’s Safari browser. As per the report published by security firm LookOut, the ransomware attack is fake and clearing the browser cache was actually sufficient to restore full access. The Victims […]

Ransomware encrypts critical files of Dutch Parliament

Some state sponsored actors have succeeded in encrypting critical files related to a computer network of the Dutch parliament. As per our sources, the lower house of Dutch Parliament, the Tweede Kamer was hit by ransomware attack which managed to encrypt some election and finance related documents of the parliament. Note-Ransomware is a form of […]

Sophos to end ransomware threat with Intercept X

Sophos Group which offers security software and hardware to enterprise networks has announced that it is going to end ransomware threat on a permanent note with its newly developed ‘Intercept X’. The IT security vendor has assured that its new product will protect files from the malicious spontaneous encryption processes which favor ransomware propelled by […]

List of Countries which are most vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

As soon as Wikileaks revealed to the world that it has valid documents to prove that US law enforcement agency CIA has the potential to hack any Smart Phone, Smart TV or devices related to Internet of Things existing on this globe, it surprised the entire world, along with those connected to the cyber security […]

Ransomware attack on Milwaukee’s 18000 Urology Patients

A Ransomware attack which took place in the department of Metropolitan Urology Department of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is said to have exposed patient data of more than 18000 users. As per our sources, the attack exposed the data related to patients who visited between 2003 and 2010. As per the details available to the media, the […]

Can ransomware infect Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Generally, Ransomware infects any computer system on a network and then encrypts all the files and professional data that cannot be decoded until a ransom is paid to the hackers. But can the same malware infect Virtual Desktop Infrastructure? Technically speaking, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure- shortly known as VDI are hosts that secure desktop operating systems […]

Insurance companies are now covering Ransomware Cyber Attacks

Insurance companies are now coming forward to cover ransomware related cyber attacks. And the credit goes fully to broad thinking of the insurance providers who now offering services as per demand. We all know that from past couple of years, ransomware attacks have increased on public and private companies- all thanks to the era of […]

Pennsylvania Democratic Senators hit with Ransomware attack

A Ransomware attack was launched on The Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Caucus website locking the computer network of more than 16 Democratic Senators and their respective staff members. Our sources respond that the government organization discovered about the attack on Friday and FBI is working in coordination with Microsoft officials to resolve the issue. Note- Ransomware […]

Kaspersky offers free decryption tools for Dharma Ransomware

Kaspersky has made it official that it is going to offer a free decryption tool for Dharma Ransomware from this weekend. The said ransomware which first appeared in November is notorious enough to decrypt all the files and folders on the victim’s computer for ransom. So, Kaspersky has includes the free tool in its RakhniDecryptor […]

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