REvil Ransomware

Cyber Attack projected on US and European Banking Systems

As European nations such as Germany, France and Britain are offering a helping hand to Ukraine on recommendation by the Biden led nation, 3 notorious hacking groups -Killnet, Anonymous Sudan and REvil have taken a pledge to conduct a digital assault on the US and European Banking Systems. A platform has been set by the […]

REvil ransomware spreading hackers found to be leading plush lives in Russia

REvil ransomware gangs, known to fleece millions from their victims, are seen leading luxurious lives in their hideouts protected by Russian government. According to a covert operation launched by leading news publishing resource DailyMail, a suspected hacker running REvil aka Sodinokibi ransomware gang was arrested by the police last week. Named as Yevgeniy Polyanin, the […]

US DOJ seizes $6 million from REvil ransomware gang

US government who arrested a cyber criminal named Yaroslav Vasinskyi in Poland last month has found evidence that he was long associated with Russia-based REvil ransomware gang that targeted companies operating in North America with over 2,500 cyber attacks, including that on Kaseya software. US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced in a new conference held […]

REvil ransomware group hacked

REvil ransomware group having history of launching sophisticated cyber attacks on Kaseya software; JBS Meat and Travelex this year are experiencing strange events these days. The gang’s payment portal and data leak blog have been hacked by some other group throwing the developers into jeopardy. News of the REvil ransomware website getting hacked spread when […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

After going for a brief hiatus, REvil aka Sodinokibi Ransomware gang has re-appeared on the dark web. The file encrypting malware group that is suspected to be operating from Russia has reinstated its “Happy Blog” and started posting stolen data details that were siphoned from victims who did not pay the demanded ransom of $11 […]

Joe Biden government cyber attacks REvil aka Sodinokibi Ransomware Servers

From the early hours of Tuesday ( July 13th,2021) most of the ransomware websites owned by REvil ransomware spreading gang have disappeared from the dark web and security researchers from Kaspersky say that the websites might be down because of a disruption caused by a cyber attack launched by a cyber unit operating under the […]

Apple Inc blueprints stolen by REvil Ransomware gang

A ransomware hack on a Taiwan-based Technology Company dubbed Quanta Computer is said to have leaked technically product Blueprints related to Apple Inc. Those spreading REvil aka Sodinokibi said that data will be published online if the victim company fails to bow down to the demands of their hackers. To strengthen their claims that they […]

Acer Microsoft Exchange Server hit by REvil Ransomware

The list of companies that have suffered a cyber attack on their Microsoft Exchange Servers seems to be ever expanding as the latest victim to fall prey is noted computing device maker Acer. The Taiwan-based company was hit by REvil ransomware, said Vital Kremez, the Intelligence CEO of the PC Giant. In what is known […]

REvil Ransomware attack on Texas County Sheriff office

Hackers belonging to REvil ransomware group have once again targeted Sheriff Office belonging to Cooke County, Texas over the weekend, and succeeded in stealing a portion of data from the servers.   The stolen data includes some personal information that includes data related to past and present cases says a source from Emsisoft that has […]

Ransomware attack on Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks Law firm

Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks Law firm which offers specialized legal services to people involved in the entertainment and media field is in news for becoming a victim of a cyber attack. The New York-based company which offers all kinds of legal professional services to Music, film, television and theater artists seems to have become […]

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