Cyber Security news headlines trending on Google

Morgan Stanley Agrees to $6.5 Million Settlement with Six States Over Data Breach Global financial services giant Morgan Stanley has reached a settlement of $6.5 million with six North American states for its failure to safeguard customer data, resulting in a compromising data leak. Residents of New York, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Vermont, and New Jersey […]

Samsung Galaxy users to get new Auto Blocker Mobile Security

Samsung Galaxy users who utilize either 5G or 4G models are about to receive an exciting new feature that grants them enhanced control over their devices. The company is gearing up to introduce “Auto Blocker” through the latest update via One UI 6, which will empower Galaxy users to bolster their device’s security. Auto Blocker […]

Microsoft and Samsung launch Advanced Mobile Security Solution

Microsoft and Samsung Technology have joined forces to enhance mobile device security for enterprises. This collaboration has resulted in the world’s first mobile hardware-based device attestation, which verifies the identity and integrity of the device. In simpler terms, an attestation solution means a device that can authenticate another device’s trusted state. This helps security administrators […]

Google Project Zero issues vulnerability alert on Samsung Exynos Modems

Google’s dedicated team of cybersecurity researchers from ‘Project Zero’ have found a flaw in Samsung Exynos Modems that can give unauthorized data access to hackers, without the knowledge of users. And it’s discovered that the vulnerability allows a cyber criminal to compromise a smart phone at the Internet-to-baseband remote code execution level, giving access to […]

Samsung offers Message Guard Service to isolate mobile based cyber threats

Samsung, one of the leading smartphone sellers in the world, has released a new feature to its users that protects them from threats disguised in image attachments. The feature is said to assist users in keeping their devices from cyber threats and is compatible with the Samsung Messages app and the Google Messages App. Before […]

Samsung earns two more Cloud Security International Standard Certifications

Samsung, the electronics giant of Korea, has earned 2 Cloud Security certifications at the end of last week and admitted that the addition of new standards will bolster its current information protection and system operation capabilities to the core. The newly acquired two certifications are ISO 27001- Information Security Management System; and ISO 27017- Cloud […]

Samsung releases new privacy tool for its Galaxy phones

Samsung, the electronics giant of Korea, is all set to release a new privacy tool that will help its smart phone users to block data from being accessed by those repairing the mobile device. It is actually a maintenance tool that will help users to get relieved from anxiety fears that unsolicited resources will access […]

Samsung 2022 data breach leaks sensitive info of customers

Samsung has issued an apology for the latest data breach that affected a small portion of its US Customers leaking data such as demographic info, DoBs, product registration info, contact and names. The company has urged its customers to stay assured that the attack did not affect the information such as social security numbers and […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

1.) Samsung has issued a public statement that it treats the data generated by its customers as a state secret and protects it with chip-level security to safeguard sensitive information. Reacting to the news on the government spyware like NSO Group Pegasus and Android affecting Hermit malware, the Mobile Giant of Korea said that it […]

Samsung introduced Knox Guard for Enterprise Mobile Security

Samsung, the Electronics giant from Taiwan, has announced that it is official presenting its Knox Guard Enterprise Mobile Security platform to assist companies in placing a remote lock on devices to prevent data spill during thefts and reduce cyber risks. To those uninitiated, Knox Guard is backed by a Knox Security platform emerging from the […]

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