Cider Security Publishes New Research Identifying the Top 10 CI/CD Security Risks

The research was compiled by Cider Security along with experts from Netflix, Atlassian, Mozilla, Lemonade Insurance, Rapid7, Databricks, and the former CISOs of Twitter and LivePerson [Tel Aviv, Israel – March 16, 2022] – Researchers from Cider Security, the world’s first AppSec Operating System, today published a new research report, “Top 10 CI/CD Security Risks”, […]

Samsung shipped 100 million Galaxy smart phones filled with critical security vulnerabilities

Here’s a mobile security alert for all Samsung Galaxy Phone users and it surely needs your attention as it is critical. As per a study conducted by Tel Aviv University, a wide range of Samsung Smart Phones across multiple generations are being released into the market with a major security flaw and the concern is […]

Apple iPhone users get improved mobile security

Apple Inc. has bolstered its security codes just to save its users from advanced phishing attacks. Therefore, from now on, they will receive a 2 Factor Authentication SMS in a unique form that will be a mixture of numbers, alphabets and special characters embedded in it. According to a new update made by the iPhone […]

Apple fixes security vulnerability that allowed websites read browser data

Apple has discovered a new security flaw that allowed websites to read Safari browser data and even a user’s Google ID. And what’s concerning is that it affects all the Apple Operating System platforms including iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and newly released MacOS Monterey. The tech giant has acknowledged the issue as critically legitimate announced […]

Britain introduces IOT Device Security Legislation

A new legislation was introduced in the Britain’s parliament last week aiming to better protect IoT devices from sophisticated hackers. Dubbed as “The Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure(PSTI) bill, it requests those involved in the manufacturing of Internet of Things such as smart TVs, CCTVs, smart phones and fitness trackers; to follow basic standards while […]

Google wants you to follow these cybersecurity basics

As the world is turning completely digital, the need to be connected to the internet has become a necessity to everyone, rather than just a trend. However, not all seem to be merry for staying connected to the web 24×7. As hackers and cyber crooks are always on a prowl of vulnerable of those who […]

All old Android phones to get the latest mobile security update from Google

Google has announced that it will roll out an additional security feature to all the smart phone devices operating on the Android 6 OS version and above in coming days. Yes, the company has rolled out a special privacy protection feature to all its devices that could block malware and malicious ad trackers from accessing […]

Seven years security updates to mobile users in Germany

German government is urging mobile manufactures to offer security updates for devices up to seven years or at least 6 years so that it could increase the life of usage of phones to over 5 years. Already a proposal in this regard has been passed on to the European Union that also makes it mandatory […]

Check these must have security settings on Android Smart Phone

These days, all latest versions of Android phones come up with in-built protection that helps in keeping threats of any range at bay. But as not all are activated by default, it is the duty of the user to see if their device is tweaked with all basic security settings that are as follows- Screen […]

Only 5% of total info stored across the world is secure

Yes, what you’ve ready is absolutely right! Only 5 percent of the total data and virtual files stored across the world are secure and so the Cybersecurity business is said to reach a valuation of $170.3 billion to 2023. A survey conducted by Gartner in 2019 said that 88% of companies operating worldwide were hit […]

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