How to thwart phone hackers

Many of you might search for tips that help in keeping phone hackers at bay. So Angus King, the member of secretive Senate Intelligence Committee, is giving advice that could help in keeping a cellphone secure and away from prying eyes. The tip is to switch off the phone and wait for a minute and […]

Google offers additional security features for its cloud users

Google Security Summit witnessed the release of a new set of features that should protect the data and applications being stored and accessed from the cloud. The newly developed and integrated features into Google Cloud include innovative intrusion detection system, multiple integrations, autonomic security operations stack, and extension of its native Risk Protection Program. The […]

Instagram to enhance security of its users

Instagram, the subsidiary of Facebook company, has announced that it is going to roll out an additional security feature that allows its users to review their login info, data related to other accounts that share the login info, and recovery contact information. To those who are concerned that their account might be compromised, Instagram will […]

Data flow vs. data security dilemma for China Didi

Because of fresh allegations and a criminal probe, Chinese ride sharing app ‘Didi’ has been asked by Chinese Ministry to stop adding new users and has asked app sharing platforms to delete the app as it was not complying with the data storage and security laws that existed in Republic of China. The Xi Jinping […]

UN Security Council holds meeting on Cybersecurity

As cyber threats on government infrastructure of various countries are growing, the UN Security Council has held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing threats and mitigation remedies required to be followed by nations. Early this month, the same issue was brought to the notice of Russian President Vladimir Putin by Biden Administration that […]

Mobile Security Scare makes UK Boris Johnson dump his old phone number

The old phone number of Britain’s PM Boris Johnson that has been freely available on the internet for the past 15 years is no longer available with him and this was confirmed by his cabinet secretary last week. As retaining a phone number for longer periods attracts unnecessary attention from hostile nations, the PM was […]

Google scans more than 10 billion apps daily for malware

Giving a quick security update to the media, tech giant Google stated that its Play Protect Service scans around 10 billion apps for malware and other issues on a daily note and has succeeded in keeping over 100 million phishing attempts at bay. The update was issued when most of the critical infrastructure in the […]


This post was originally published by (ISC)² Management. As a security practitioner, how often have you heard the refrain from your colleagues that one of the security protocols that were so carefully thought-out and expertly implemented are just too difficult to deal with? Perhaps you have sighed when you had to adhere to your own […]


This post was originally published by (ISC)² Management . A Day in the Life Cybersecurity remains one of the most exciting technology jobs and one of the top sought-after positions by many technology professionals. It is also one of the most difficult positions for an employer to fill. Why is this the case? When you think […]

Cyber secure your Smart Phone by doing so

While most of the smart phones of today’s generation are well incepted when it comes to security, some practices of users makes the device fall into the prying eyes of hackers. So, just by simply following the below steps, you can not only secure your smart phone from hacking campaigns, but also keep it free […]

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