Bringing security into the CICD pipeline with Halo

This post was originally published here by  casey pechan. There’s a transformation happening in how IT is delivered in enterprises everywhere – what was once a predictable and stable IT environment has now become more fluid and is in a constant state of change. The average lifetime of a server, for example, has gone from […]

Cyber Attacks on fitness trackers, smartphones, and voice-activated gadgets

All those who are using Fitness trackers, smartphones and voice-activated gadgets such as Amazon Echo, here’s some bad news for you. The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) and the National Crime Agency (NCA) of UK have generated a report which states that hackers are targeting people using the above said sophisticated gadgets to hold people […]

Know how Google offers mobile security feature to users downloading new apps

Google has finally disclosed the secret on how it finds malware hidden apps for users downloading new apps. As a part of its business objective to offer utmost mobile security to all its users, Google takes the help of a security solution called Verify Apps to analyze viruses and other malware hidden in the apps […]

Wikileaks Vault 7 CIA hack leak makes Mobile Security go for a toss

Gold Line Group which offers military-grade cyber products has warned that all mobile phones manufactured by their respective companies in future might contain spying software by default. In a recent interview, Andrew Grundstein, the director of Gold Line Group said that cyber weapons are becoming so sophisticated that mobile security can be thrown to a […]

Google highlights its Cloud Security capabilities for Enterprises

Google has highlighted its cloud security abilities once again by launching new tools to protect enterprise applications. This includes offering granular access to applications, better management of encryption keys and implementing strong authentication mechanisms for applications operating on Google Cloud. On an additional note, Google has also stepped into a new cloud platform territory named […]

Security considerations in a DevOps pipeline

This post was originally published here by amit gupta. Using DevOps methodologies the goal is to speed up deployment using automation while increasing the predictability and manageability of the development cycle. Too often though – and this may be true more often than not – security is left for last, ultimately slowing down deployment, backing […]

Samsung Biometrics Mobile Security System wins GSMA Mobile Award

Samsung has won the GSMA mobile award for 2017 at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona last week. The Electronics giant bagged the award for the category of “The Best Mobile Security of Anti Fraud Solution”. Samsung Biometrics based Mobile Security Management Suite uses PKI based biometric solution Nexsign and Enterprise Mobile Management to […]

Is your security vendor ready for the cloud? 10 questions to ask

This post was originally published here by cliff turner. Cloud security vendors occupy a major role in organizations as both trusted advisor and protector. Because this role has the potential to affect every aspect of your organization, it’s critical to carefully vet your vendor and their platform. To guide your research, use these 10 questions […]

Report says 2016 witnessed over 8.5 million threats to Mobile Security

Kaspersky Lab released a report in this week which said that the year 2016 witnessed over 8.5 million mobile security threats. The firm announced that it registered nearly 40 million attacks by malicious mobile software over the course of the year. Geographically speaking, the nations with the highest number of attacks were US, UK, India, […]

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