Australia and United States enter a Data Sharing CLOUD Agreement

Australia has agreed with the United States to share digital data that will ease the investigation of cyber crimes that include ransomware attacks, terrorism, cyber extortion, child ab$se and banking related frauds that include crimes involving cryptocurrency. The Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data (CLOUD) Act, that was passed by Congress in 2018, endorsed the […]

NHS to share UK Patient data with a notorious US Company

A few days ago, NHS revealed that its patient records that include medical history, gender, name, contact details, and addresses will be shared with third-party firms that could use that data in the research and development of medicines for life-threatening diseases and infections such as COVID 19 aka Wuhan Virus- developed by China in Oct […]

Netflix to use AI to track down password sharing users

Many of us are in a habit of sharing our Netflix passwords with close relatives and friends. But soon, this practice is going to be blocked by the video streaming service with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Yes, you’ve read it right! Video software provider Synamedia unveiled the latest product at the CES 2019 which […]

Facebook shares user data with Google, Apple, and Microsoft without consent

Facebook(FB), well known as the world’s number one social networking website has been marred by controversies in this whole year. And the latest happens to be a media report from New York Times (NYT) which says that the Mark Zuckerberg led company has been sharing its user data with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple Inc and […]

US Parliament seizes Facebook owner’s data sharing emails

Despite the court order of keeping the investigation & findings private, the US parliament has seized all private documents including emails related to data sharing from Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The news is out that the evidence proving Facebook as guilty in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal will be presented before the Senate early […]

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