Mobile Security Alert- List of countries vulnerable to Simjacker Attacks

A few days ago, a security firm named Adaptive Mobile issued a cyber threat warning to all telecom operators operating worldwide by saying that smartphones are vulnerable to Simjacker attacks. Now the same firm has compiled and released a list of countries where telecom operators are offering to their users SIM cards which are vulnerable to […]

New Mobile Security alert called WIBattack discovered by Ginno Security

Ginno Security Lab, a China-based Mobile Security service offering company has discovered a new Sim card vulnerability besides the recently discovered SIMJacker cyber threat. The researcher’s claim that a new vulnerability was lurking in the dark which might hit the entire GSM Association at any moment causing serious harm to millions of telecom subscribers worldwide. […]

A Synopsis of Simjacker Mobile Security Vulnerability

AdaptiveMobile Security research says that hackers are using Simjacker Vulnerability to spy on mobile phone users across the world. As the exploit involves the hijacking of SIM cards it has been given the name as such.   What exactly is Simjacker?   It is a kind of software exploits which helps track down the mobile […]

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