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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Save Money With Cybersecurity

Source: Pexels   Small businesses (SMBs) have historically struggled against cyber-attacks, and the trend has grown at an alarming rate during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a Verizon report, 61% of SMBs have been targets of cyber-attacks in the last one year, and the financial consequences have been in the millions. However, SMBs are often […]

Is Your Small Business Safe Against Cyber Attacks?

Just because you are running a small business doesn’t mean you are out of the reach of cybercriminals and hackers. In fact, small businesses are more susceptible to security breaches and cyberattacks because most often they dont expect the attack, thus are unprepared to handle the situation. Back in 2018, almost two-thirds of the small […]

4 Cybersecurity Best Practices for Your Small Business

Cybercrime is a hotter topic than ever before right now. More and more businesses are becoming the victims of cybercrime and hacking, and smaller companies are often the main targets for cybercriminals, since they often do not have the same security measures in place and are therefore easier to breach. If you run a small […]

Network Segmentation could protect your small business network from Cyber Attacks

Security has become an important issue to focus on small businesses that rely on websites, smartphones, and connected devices. Thus, a network security company called Tufin has released an info graphic titled “ Making Security Manageable Through Network Segmentation” which introduces us to a new concept called network segmentation. The report suggests that “Network Segmentation” […]

United States FTC starts a new website to train SMBs on how to avoid Cyber Attacks

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has started a new website for SMBs with an objective to help small businesses avoid cyber attacks. Based on the inputs of the acting Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen, the website was started to host articles, videos, and other info aimed to educate owners of small businesses to avoid scams and protect […]

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