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10 ways to know your smart phone has spying malware

Numerous world leaders have expressed concerns regarding espionage-related malware being surreptitiously planted on their personal devices by their adversaries. This clandestine practice aims to gather classified information or monitor their activities. Apple Inc. issued a statement yesterday, urging iPhone users to exercise caution, as certain states have been reported to hire hackers to engage in […]

Australian Prime Minister urges citizens to turn off their mobile phones to fend cyber attacks

It’s strange! But its true that Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has asked his citizens to turn off their mobile phones daily for 5-10 minutes to combat cyber threats and risks associated to attacks. The suggestion was made after the Nation’s leader was provided a briefing on how to a 5-minute turn-off a smart phone […]

Most commonly used PINs putting smart phones to cyber risks

In today’s world, almost everyone owns a smartphone. In fact, it has become a necessity rather than a materialistic want. To secure the device from fraudulent access, mobile operating system manufacturers are coming up with various security features, among which phone PIN is the most commonly used option. However, according to a research study carried […]

Follow these simple tricks to keep your smart phone secure in 2023

Smart Phones have become a need for us these days as they assist us in commuting, help in entertaining us if/when bored, help communicate with near & dear, read news and do more such stuff. But as these gadgets have turned crucial in our lives, many hackers are also interested in infiltrating them, to get […]

Watch out for these signs to know whether your phone is hacked

Are you having a doubt that your smartphone has been hacked or is being used by remote hackers for malevolent scams? If so, then watch out for these abnormal behavioral signs to know whether the device has been hacked. When apps are taking longer time to open than usual, it can be a sign that […]

Check these must have security settings on Android Smart Phone

These days, all latest versions of Android phones come up with in-built protection that helps in keeping threats of any range at bay. But as not all are activated by default, it is the duty of the user to see if their device is tweaked with all basic security settings that are as follows- Screen […]

Remember these things before buying a SmartPhone

Smart Phones have become a necessity, rather than a luxury these days. As it not only helps connect with our near and dear ones but also helps in doing our day-to-day chores. But do you know that 77% of malware and espionage-related cyber-attacks are targeted on Smart Phones than other computing devices such as smartwatches. […]

Signs that confirm that an Android Smart phone is hacked

As the use of Android based smart phones is increasing, studies suggest that these gadgets are becoming favorite targets to hackers and cyber criminals. Now to those who aren’t aware about the tech of ‘Smart Phone Hacking’ here’s a gist on it. A smart phone hack means presence of malicious apps or software such as […]

How to make your smartphone private

Whether it’s an Apple iPhone or an Android device there is always a snooping threat looming on the users as firms like Google or Facebook refuse to give ownership to their users over data share. Although Apple Inc promotes that it sells products and services as per its consumer’s privacy, there is no guarantee that […]

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