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Smart TV manufacturing companies withdraw security support after 18 months

Next time when you are planning to buy a Smart TV, please be aware that most reputed manufactures withdraw security support after 12 to 16 months or at the most 18 months. Meaning, the Television gadget touted to be smart will be vulnerable to hackers launching sophistication driven cyber-attacks. Which?, a Britain-based privacy rights company, […]

Do Smart TVs need antivirus

It’s a big question to many, especially those who are thinking to shop for one in the upcoming Thanksgiving or Christmas season. Security experts say that it is not a smart thinking to purchase an anti-virus solution and run on a connected TV. Even if companies like Samsung try to push them towards you on […]

FBI issues Cyber Attack warning against Smart TVs

As sales of smart TVs have boomed on this Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving weekend, the FBI has issued a warning that hackers are now becoming sophisticated enough to punch a hole on the cyber defenses of smart TV users.   In general, we use smart TVs to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, and such […]

Broadcast signals make Smart TVs vulnerable Cyber Attacks!

Smart TV Broadcast signals are being used to launch cyber attacks which enable hackers to spy on people with the TVs camera and microphone. The attack also offers the hackers a potential to access several TVs at once without the need of any physical tampering. So, a single attack on home a smart TV can […]

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