Kaspersky confirms SMBs are sureshot targets for Hackers

Recent research conducted by Kaspersky has confirmed that Small and Medium Scale businesses are becoming Sureshot targets for cybercriminals, than larger enterprises. In a study conducted between January 2021 to April 2022, researchers have identified that small-scale businesses were three times more likely to be hit by a cyber attack than large business counterparts. What’s […]

Free Cybersecurity Training for SMBs

Curricula, an Atlanta based security company, is offering a free training in Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Business (SMBs) employees. The security awareness training will be offered in a virtual mode designed to defend organizations holding an employee count of over 1000 employees. So, companies small and medium can take the help of the awareness […]

SMBs are super vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

New research carried out by ConnectWise says that Small and Medium Scale businesses are super vulnerable to cyber attacks as they are still underprepared as they operate with a mindset that hackers never target them due to the size of their business. After analyzing data given by more than 1000 respondents, the study confirms that […]

Cyber Attacks cause financial amercement and reputational damage to SMBs

Switzerland based insurance company Chubb says that cyber attacks can cause financial amercement and ruin the reputation of small and medium scale business on a permanent note. The recent report published by the cyber insurance provider says that on an average business face a loss of $400,000 which might push an SMB into doldrums forever. […]

Most SMBs in the UK are keeping Cyber Attacks secret

A survey conducted by Appstractor Corporation has discovered that SMBs operating in the UK have faced at least 5 cyber threats in the last year. And most of them have kept them as a secret for reasons. Almost four IT decision makers working for SMBs across the UK have confirmed the report findings admitting that […]

SMBs in the USA have started respecting Cyber Security Threats!

SMBs operating in an around the USA have started to respect cyber security threats. And this was discovered in a global study made by cyber security firm Webroot in association with Wakefield research. Webroot study revealed that 96% of SMBs believe that their organizations will be susceptible to external cyber security threats this year. This […]

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