SolarWinds recovered from the last year’s massive Cyber Attack

SolarWinds, a software maker having 300,000 clients around the globe, was hit by a massive cyber attack in early 2020. And its staff detected it in November, after a security company named FireEye triggered a warning that the firm’s computer systems were operating under the control of hackers funded by a foreign nation from many […]

It is Microsoft vs Dell and IBM after SolarWinds hack

In November 2020, Security firm FireEye revealed that a Russian intelligence funded hacking group had infiltrated the computer networks of several organizations and was indulging in several espionage related tactics since 2019. Now, debate between tech companies has started on whether it is safe to store data on cloud storage platforms or on-premises appliances. Tech […]

Microsoft offers deep analyses of SolarWinds Hack

SolarWinds hack seems to be a never-ending saga, as Microsoft President Brad Smith has made a new revelation yesterday stating over 1000 hackers could have been involved in the attack that questioned the security of the entire federal computer system by experts. Smith, who commented on the issue during the CBS 60 minute program over […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

Pfizer company that has produced a life saving vaccine to counter the spread of Corona Virus is back in news. The intelligence committee, funded by South Korea’s National Assembly, has revealed that a cyber attack launched on Pfizer at the end of last year was launched by North Korean hackers to steal the intelligence of […]

Russian hackers were interested in Microsoft Products

The SolarWinds Cyber Attack seems to be like a never-ending saga as daily a new revelation is being made by US Department of Homeland Security. Now, the latest find is that the hacking group suspected to be from Russia is reported to be only interested in Microsoft Corporation products and services. Brandon Wales, the director […]

SolarWinds hack might trigger Cyber Attack on Russia says intelligence

Russian intelligence from Kremlin has warned that the public and private companies operating in their country are at a major risk of facing a massive cyber attack soon. The nation has warned that United States could launch the attack in retaliation to the SolarWinds scandal, aka SolarGate. It has to be notified that Russian intelligence […]

Russian data hack saga on SolarWinds seems to be a never-ending story

A new story is emerging day by day when it comes to the data hack of SolarWinds. And according to the latest update provided from a resource of Microsoft, the source code of certain Microsoft Products was accessed by hackers in Orion platform related supply chain cyber attack. Although Microsoft claims that the latest hack […]

Cyber Attack on US Treasury and Commerce Departments

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have issued a formal statement in the last weekend confirming a cyber attack on the Treasury and Commerce Departments of United States. Microsoft reacted to the news and said that its preliminary inquiries in association with the law enforcement have revealed that Russian intelligence service is suspected […]

Join the Webinar ‘Access Rights Management – The Secret to Preventing Insider Attacks and Data Breaches’

You are invited to the upcoming security webinar “Access Rights Management – The Secret to Preventing Insider Attacks and Data Breaches“, live on May 21 [ register here ]. Providing secure access to users is a huge hurdle for IT teams. Effective solutions must be able to address dynamic and diverse user requirements, secure the […]

Acquisition news for this Week

London based Email Security services provider Mimecast has made it official that it has acquired cybersecurity training and awareness platform ‘Ataata’ last week. The financial details of the deal are yet to be known. But the objective is clear- to allow Mimecast customers to measure cyber risk training effectiveness by adapting behavior observations into actionable […]

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