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DOJ discloses North Korean Joanap Botnet Cyber Attack

Department of Justice(DOJ) has disclosed details of a fresh cyber attack which was launched on the critical infrastructure of the United States and is all set to issue a warning soon to victims who were infected by with Joanap Botnet launched and developed by a hacking group being funded by North Korean government. Recently, the […]

US to sue North Korea for Wannacry and Sony Cyber Attacks

United States Department of Justice has decided to indict a North Korean with dual- charges of spreading WannaCry Ransomware attack around the world and cyber attacking the database of Sony Corp in 2014. The plan of US behind this accuse is to name & shame the alleged perpetrators so that countries like Russia, China and […]

North Korea takes hackers on lease to launch cyber attacks on other nations!

The North Korean government seems to be banking on cyber attacks these days as it is hiring other nation hackers on lease to launch cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of developed nations. As per a report compiled by a group of reporters from the New York Times, the said nation is trying to launch […]

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