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RSM US Deploys Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform to Secure Clients

Stellar Cyber, the innovator of Open XDR, today announced that RSM US – the leading provider of professional services to the middle market – is leveraging the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform to unify, expand and control the cybersecurity defenses across its Global MSSP Client Network. RSM US operates a global managed security operations service, known as RSM […]

NDR vs. Open XDR – What’s the difference?

Every security tool vendor talks about detection and response, so what makes NDR so special, and how does it relate to XDR / Open XDR? NDR is special because it focuses on the nerve center of an organization’s IT infrastructure: the network. Wireless or wired device, endpoint or server, application, user or cloud – all are connected to the […]

Q&A on Network Detection and Response (NDR)

What is NDR? Today’s network detection and response (NDR) has a long history, evolving out of network security and network traffic analysis (NTA). The historical definition of network security is to use a perimeter firewall and Intrusion Prevention Systems to screen traffic coming into the network, but as IT and security technology have evolved, the […]

Everything about XDR is around Correlations, not Hype

In the last several months the XDR acronym is being used by almost every security product manufacturer.  It is one thing to say that you have it, but the hard work that goes into building the detections takes years.  It is not enough to say that you have a big data platform that you can dump things into […]

XDR explained in 300 words

XDR is the rising star of new acronyms, but you might have to read a 1,000+ word long article to understand its value. Let’s try to do it briefly in about 300 words. X means to expand DR’s – Detection and Response – systems – to cover your entire attack surface, not just a portion of […]

Open XDR vs. SIEM

Matching Resources and Business Risk with the Right Solution Gaining visibility and responding to attacks across the entire enterprise infrastructure (endpoints, servers, applications, SaaS, cloud, users, etc.) is a very tall order in today’s cybersecurity environment. Enterprises are forced to create complex security stacks consisting of SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, EDR, NDR, TIP and other tools in order to meet this […]

Does XDR Need a New Kill Chain?

The time has come for cyber security technology to keep up with the adversaries.  Now that we have seen so many successful multi-stage attacks, we need to reassess the way we correlate the signals we are seeing from all the security tools in our environments.  Correlation is helpful but it doesn’t always paint the complete […]

Is Extended Detection and Response (XDR) the Ultimate Foundation of Cybersecurity Infrastructure?

Security information and event management (SIEMs) collect data from security logs and in doing so are supposed to identify blind spots, reduce noise and alert fatigue, and simplify detection and response to complex cyberattacks. However, SIEMs have not lived up to these promises. Now, the new idea is extended detection and response. What are its advantages, […]

Alerts, Events, Incidents – Where Should Your Security Team Focus?

By Brian Stoner, Vice President, Service Providers at Stellar Cyber As the cybersecurity threat landscape is evolving so is the way we need to look at those threats.  The drumbeat of new breaches is continuous. If you read the news, you would be led to believe that there is only one major tactic the attackers leverage in […]

The Pipeline Attack – Is Log Analysis Enough for Cybersecurity?

Many MSSP’s use SIEMs and other log management/aggregation/analysis solutions for cybersecurity visibility, but is log analysis enough? We’re hearing more and more about holistic security solutions like XDR platforms that claim to cover the entire attack surface, especially because the latest pipeline attack reinforced the compound nature of today’s sophisticated multi-stage cyberattacks. The attackers admitted they did not expect their attack […]

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