Cyber Threat Concerns may create hostile conditions for Connected Car Sales

Cyber Threat Concerns may create hostile conditions for the sales of Connected Cars, says a survey conducted by Irdeto. The survey also disclosed that among the present set of consumers who own connected cars, 59% are concerned that their vehicle could become a potential target for hackers in near future. Of the survey conducted across […]

Survey reveals that 59% of office workers pay for ransomware cyber attacks

A survey conducted by California based company Intermedia says that 59% of office workers in US pay for ransomware attacks out of their pockets to decrypt files. And that’s due to the fact that most of them do not know how to respond to the malware infection and how to proceed after an attack has […]

PayPal survey confirms that Australians are ignoring Mobile Security

American company PayPal which supports digital currency payments and transfers has discovered in the latest survey that Australians are completely ignoring mobile security features, despite the fact that 67% of them use mobile phones for their shopping needs. As per the PayPal research titled mCommerce Index Trends Report Aussies are immensely addicted to their mobile […]

2017 witnesses 43,000 cyber attacks on every UK Business

Beaming which is one of the Britain’s leading broadband services provider has conducted a survey of UK businesses and came to a conclusion that the first quarter of 2017 witnessed 43000 cyber attacks hitting every single business in the UK.  When the numbers are analyzed further, Beaming claims that each business gets attacked 474 times […]

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