Symantec says that Ransomware spreaders are demanding a minimum of $1000

A recently compiled Symantec report suggests that on average hackers are demanding a minimum of $1000 to decrypt a database targeted with ransomware. And just to remind you the latest demand is almost 3 times more than what the hackers demanded last year  I.e $295 in 2015. According to other estimates prepared by the researchers […]

Symantec endorses Wikileaks report about CIA’s spying ability to mask cyber attacks

American software company Symantec has endorsed the report of web publisher Wikileaks claiming CIA has the spying ability to mask its own cyber attack. The California-based company which offers security software has made a detailed study on recent Wikileaks claims of Vault 7 and concluded that the Central Investigation Agency (CIA) may have been involved […]

North Korea takes hackers on lease to launch cyber attacks on other nations!

The North Korean government seems to be banking on cyber attacks these days as it is hiring other nation hackers on lease to launch cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of developed nations. As per a report compiled by a group of reporters from the New York Times, the said nation is trying to launch […]

Chinese investment in cyber security startups worries Pentagon

The United States Department of Defense, shortly known as Pentagon is extremely worried about growing investments from Chinese firms on startups related to cyber security and military defense. As per a New York Times reports, firms based in China are showing a lot of enthusiasm in investing in American startups, which includes rocket engine manufacturers, […]

Symantec to offer fund to Cyber Security Startups

Symantec has formed a new business segment named Symantec Ventures, which is going to fund cybersecurity startups having the potential to evolve from ideas to profits. The announcement came as a surprise to many, but the antivirus software has proclaimed with this move that it’s in a mood to eliminate all the cyber threats once […]

Voice Recognition sophistication to unlock Ransomware

Symantec researchers have discovered that malware developers are getting sophisticated day by day. And the best example to prove this point is their latest study which proves that a ransomware victim is now being asked to read aloud a message via voice recognition app to unlock his/her PC files. As per the latest report prepared […]

Symantec unveils Cloud Security Solution to address distinct security challenges

RSA Conference which is being held in San Francisco witnessed a new announcement from Symantec Corporation. The American company which offers software for security, storage, and backup needs has unveiled a new cloud security platform which can be touted as industry’s most all-inclusive cloud security offering. The Symantec Cloud Security Platform provides complete means for […]

Cyber Attacks on International Banks linked to North Korea

As per the latest study conducted by security researchers from Symantec Corp and BAE Systems PLC, the wave of cyber attacks which are being launched on Financial Institutions in the US, Mexico, and UK have originated from North Korea. The study also confirms that the attacks share traits with the Sony Hack which took place […]

Mobile Security turns into a booming business vertical for Companies!

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture of the Corporate World is making businesses see mobile security as a highly productive business vertical these days. As hackers are getting busy in breaking mobile wallets, firms catering to cyber security needs are trying their best to capture this trend to make profits. Gartner has labeled this market […]

Zscaler terms Symantec patent infringement lawsuit as Cyber bullying

Cloud Security vendor Zscaler has termed Symantec’s latest patent infringement lawsuit as a mere cyber bullying tactic which doesn’t have any merit. It also added in its latest media statement that the company was in early stages of accessing the claims and knows well to defend against lawsuits of this nature. Zscaler CEO Jay Chowdary […]

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