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Cyber Attack news trending now

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has put the blame of Cambridge Analytica scandal surrounding his company on the long-serving COO Sheryl Sandberg and declared that his company was at war against certain media outlets which he blames for the company’s nightmare 2 yrs. Returning to a combative leadership observed at the inception of the social media […]

Cyber Attacks on Businesses cost investors £42 billion loss

Cyber Attacks on businesses is costing investors £42 billion loss says a study commissioned by cyber security firm CGI and conducted by Oxford Economics. The study also confirmed that a company which is listed in FTSE 100 Index gets worse off by an average of £120 million after a breach. Oxford Economics made the study […]

Cyber attack on TalkTalk and Post Office Broadband routers

BBC has confirmed in an early morning report of today that TalkTalk and Post Office Broadband routers were hit by Mirai malware on the recent shopping weekend. The news source added that it was a malware attack which compromised over 100,000 of router users. Talk Talk also confirmed this news and said that over 21% […]

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