Google trending Cyber Attack news for the day

1.) In the first of the Cyber Attack news which is trending on Google, TalkTalk hacker who blackmailed the chief executive officer of the company Dido Harding has been jailed for 4 full years. Daniel Kelley, from South Wales, was a black hat hacker who failed in GCSE grades and wanted to achieve something thrilling […]

Cyber attack on Wonga Database affects 250,000 customer bank details

British Payday loan offering company Wonga has made it official that a data breach occurred on its database leaking critical info of more than 250,000 of its customers. The UK-based payday loan lender added that the stolen details could include addresses, names, bank account numbers, and sort codes. Officials from Wonga said that around 245,000 […]

England to levy £52 billion fine on SMBs for lacking tools against cyber attacks

British firms witnessed 230,000 cyber attacks in 2016 and this was revealed as a fact in a survey analysis conducted by Internet Service Provider ‘Beaming’. The survey added that on an average the volume of cyber attacks passing the corporate firewalls and hitting the cyber networks has reached the mark of 1K/ day for the […]

Cyber Attack to blackout Virgin Media Internet users for one month

UK’s most popular internet service provider Virgin Media has released a press statement on Tuesday saying that it has become a recent victim of a cyber attack and the repercussions of the espionage will last until mid next month for most users. The recent press statement has left most of the Virgin Media Customers frustrated, […]

UK’s mobile operator Three affected by Cyber Security breach

Telecommunication and Internet service provider ‘Three’ of UK were hit by a cyber attack early this week compromising personal info of at least nine million customers. According to the preliminary inquiry made by the officials, the hackers gained access to the database by using one of the employee credentials. As per a news update posted […]

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