Tesla AI Robot Attacks raises concerns over Cybersecurity

Over the recent Christmas weekend, a thought-provoking discussion emerged among tech enthusiasts on Reddit, sparking concerns about the Tesla AI Robots designed for manufacturing. The conversation, initially initiated in November, gained momentum when an engineer was reportedly attacked by a robot at the Giga Texas factory near Austin, resulting in injuries and bloodshed. During the […]

Malware threat on rise and some details

Hackers are currently exploiting an old vulnerability in Microsoft Excel to inject a newly identified malware known as ‘Agent Tesla.’ This malicious software is capable of either cleaning up a database or discreetly gathering intelligence, depending on the commands it receives from the C2C servers. A study conducted by Zscaler ThreatLabz reveals that the malware’s […]

Tesla data breach lawsuit and Johnson and Johnson data breach details

About three weeks ago, Tesla found itself in the throes of a data breach when two former employees allegedly exposed the company’s confidential information to external parties. In a recent development, a former Tesla staff member has initiated legal action against the electric vehicle manufacturer, asserting that the company maintains lax access controls for safeguarding […]

Trending cybersecurity news headlines on Google

1.) Tesla Faces Data Breach, Employee Information Compromised Tesla, the prominent electric car manufacturer, recently experienced a concerning data breach, with sensitive information of approximately 75,000 staff members being leaked to a German-language business media outlet called Handelsblatt. An extensive investigation conducted by Tesla revealed that two former employees were involved in illicitly obtaining intelligence […]

Tesla internet connected cars to be banned in China for Data Security concerns

Tesla vehicle owners in China are facing a concerning situation as the looming ban on foreign electric vehicles from the company comes into effect. The issue ignited when an airport in a prominent southern city enacted a ban on parking Tesla electric cars on its premises due to concerns over data security. The response from […]

Insider threat leads to Tesla data breach

A Tesla employee has reportedly stole about 100GB of data related to the automaker and handed it over to a media company, which has now released a portion of the details. According to a German media resource Handelsblatt, the leaked information from the Tesla Files include sensitive details related to 100,000 names of current and […]

Teenager hacks 23 Tesla Car through software vulnerability

Tesla cars are automated vehicles that are environment friendly and aimed at making travelling a stress-free experience. But a hacker from Germany has proved that driving in Tesla cars can prove fatal as they can be remotely controlled through a hack in the 3rd party vehicle management software. David Colombo, a hacker from Germany, shared […]

Valueless Degrees and Death of Jobs says Tesla Chief Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has once again termed the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) threatening to the existence of Human Kind and added that the use of robots in various industries will kill jobs and will make education related degrees valueless. Speaking at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, Mr. Musk felt that although […]

Anonymous hacking group to target Elon Musk Tesla

Anonymous, an international hacking group having a history of hacking Financial firm PayPal has issued a warning that Tesla Chief Elon Musk will have to face serious digital consequences if he doesn’t mend his ways on Twitter.   Last week, Musk disclosed his mind about Cryptocurrencies on his Twitter page and went to an extent […]

Tesla cars to be banned because of data privacy

Tesla Chief Elon Musk has cleared the air that if his company cars are being used for spying in china or anywhere else, then he would rather shut down the business than developing it. Speaking through a video link at the China Development Forum, the multi billionaire technologists reacted to the news that China has […]

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