Teenager hacks 23 Tesla Car through software vulnerability

Tesla cars are automated vehicles that are environment friendly and aimed at making travelling a stress-free experience. But a hacker from Germany has proved that driving in Tesla cars can prove fatal as they can be remotely controlled through a hack in the 3rd party vehicle management software. David Colombo, a hacker from Germany, shared […]

Valueless Degrees and Death of Jobs says Tesla Chief Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has once again termed the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) threatening to the existence of Human Kind and added that the use of robots in various industries will kill jobs and will make education related degrees valueless. Speaking at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, Mr. Musk felt that although […]

Anonymous hacking group to target Elon Musk Tesla

Anonymous, an international hacking group having a history of hacking Financial firm PayPal has issued a warning that Tesla Chief Elon Musk will have to face serious digital consequences if he doesn’t mend his ways on Twitter.   Last week, Musk disclosed his mind about Cryptocurrencies on his Twitter page and went to an extent […]

Tesla cars to be banned because of data privacy

Tesla Chief Elon Musk has cleared the air that if his company cars are being used for spying in china or anywhere else, then he would rather shut down the business than developing it. Speaking through a video link at the China Development Forum, the multi billionaire technologists reacted to the news that China has […]

Tesla averted a major Ransomware related Cyber Attack says FBI

According to a press release of US FBI, Tesla the $400 Billion electric car making company was saved from a major cyber attack by one of its unnamed employee on a recent note as a major Russian Cyber Attack was averted from crippling the IT Infrastructure of Nevada’s Gigafactory. The documents released by FBI on […]

AI implants in Brain could be vulnerable to hackers

As Tesla Chief Elon Musk has invested a lot in startup project Neuralink that links human brains to computer machines using tiny implants, security researchers say that such technologies can be easily hacked to erase thoughts, skills, and memory of a human-when left unsecured. In simple terms, every technology needs to be pioneered in such […]

Elon Musk destroys his phone regularly due to Data Security Fears

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and the owner of Tesla is reported to have a strange habit of changing his phone every 10-12 months. And sources say that he does it due to Data Security fears that someone might get hold of that device and somehow dig out data which might play havoc in […]

Tesla accuses startup Zoox of leaking trade secrets

Elon Musk-led company Tesla has filed 2 lawsuits on Wednesday against its former employees and the self-driving startup Zoox for leaking the company’s logistics secrets. Highly placed sources say that one of the employees of Zoox also stole an Autopilot source code and sold it to Chinese company Xiaopeng Motors. Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that […]

Elon Musk Company Open AI proves that AI can spin fake news

Tesla chief Elon Musk’s company OpenAI has offered a demonstration to the world on how the technology of Artificial Intelligence can be smartly utilized to spin fake news. Publishing an example on this note on last Thursday, OpenAI offered a demo on how its system can produce fake news articles which look authentic only with […]

Dare to hack Tesla Model 3 Electric Car and win $1 million

Tesla Inc has thrown a challenge to all hackers around the world to hack into its new Model 3 Car and win a cash price of $1 million. Yes, you’ve read it right! Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk has challenged the world to break into its Tesla Model 3 Electric Car’s software and win a […]

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