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All United States flights grounded and cyber attack not suspected

A computer glitch that could have taken place because of a cyber attack led to the grounding of flights across the United States from the early hours of today. Although, the Federal Aviation Administration managing the air traffic, denied systems being disrupted via a ransomware attack, sources from White House state that a detailed investigation […]

Chinese companies are no more interested in acquiring US Companies

The trade war which Donald Trump started with China in 2017 is said to be showing negative repercussions on the merger and acquisitions market of the United States. It’s said that the government of China is requesting companies like HNA and Anbang to invest more in the home turf in order to encourage domestic growth. […]

China, Russia, and Iran are top cyber threats to the United States

A report from the National Counterintelligence and Security Center released on Thursday states that China, Russia, and Iran are the top cyber adversaries to the US as these three nations have been caught red-handed conducting foreign economic and industrial espionage on American soil. The NCSC report says that the said three nations have been consistently […]

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