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UK plans to blackout Russia via Cyber Attack

Britain is reportedly planning to blackout Russia if the latter tends to execute its plan of launching a missile attack at the UK’s military base which is said to be ill-equipped to respond to such attacks as of now. The exercise to blackout Moscow is said to be the biggest war game of this decade […]

Russian Cyber Threat forces the UK to sign digital security Pact

Russian Cyber Threat has forced the United Kingdom to sign world’s largest digital security pact worth £15 million. The digital agreement is expected to include leaders from 53 nations to sign the world’s largest cyber declaration which assures to join forces to combat criminals and hostile actors engaged in cyber warfare. As the cyber threat […]

UK announces a crackdown on Dark Web

UK’s Home Secretary Amber Rudd has announced a crackdown on the dark web as she feels that the ploy could curb criminals from exploiting the anonymous web in pursuit of Child Po$$graphy, drug deals, guns, credit scams and other such illegal activities. Amber announced that the government of United Kingdom has set aside £9 million […]

Britain and US jointly vow to fight back Russian Cyber Attacks

The Military and Intelligence Chiefs of the United States and Britain have officially declared that they will work together to take on the cyber threats posed by enemies like Putin’s Russia and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. Issuing a public statement on this note on Sunday, the leaders of GCHQ and the UK’s Joint Forces […]

Vladimir Putin wins Russian Elections despite Cyber Attack

A DDoS Cyber Attack hit Russia’s Central Election Commission’s (CEC) Information Center on early hours of March 18th, 2018. But the attack was detected and was contained in time by the election commission authorities which then paved way for the smooth progress of Elections which was won by Vladimir Putin consecutively for the 4th time. […]

Russia shrugs off White House Sanctions imposed in retaliation to its CyberAttack

Trump Administration on Thursday imposed sanctions on Russia for meddling in US 2016 Polls and for launching destructive cyber attack campaigns on Yahoo and attempted cyber attacks against the US Electrical Grid. Singling out Russia’s role in the NotPetya attack, a malware in disguise of ransomware, but capable of wiping out the encrypted data; the […]

UK to launch cyber attacks in retaliation for Russia Nerve Agent attack

The United Kingdom has given Moscow a time frame until midnight Tuesday to explain how a Russian backed nerve agent poisoned a former Russian spy and his daughter working for Britain Intelligence authorities. Britain Prime Minister Theresa May has also issued a warning to Vladimir Putin that if he and his government chose to remain […]

Theresa May accuses Russia for conducting Cyber Espionage

For the first time, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has accused Russia for conducting Cyber Espionage on western nations and meddling with their elections. The Prime Minister of Britain added in her statement that Vladimir Putin should also stop planting fake stories in order to sow discord in the west.  Speaking at the Lord Mayor’s […]

Theresa May could use Cyber Warfare to retaliate North Korea missile attacks on Japan

Former UK Prime Minister Theresa May has issued a stern warning to North Korea in retaliation for latter’s missile attacks on Japan. The ex-minister who is now touring Japan issued a media briefing a few hours ago in which she reacted sharply to the escalating crisis of Pyongyang’s latest missile launch. While leaving the conference […]

Is a Jihadi Cyber Attack on the prowl?

US President Donald Trump has pronounced a latest executive order which imposes a temporary ban on refugees and populace from 7 Muslim Nations into the United States. But experts say that pretty soon a Jihadi Cyber Attack may be launched by extremists group to retaliate the new law. Guillaume Poupard, Head of France’s Digital Security […]

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