Saturday Security Spotlight: Military, Apps, and Threats

This post was originally published here by  Jacob Serpa . Here are the top cybersecurity stories of recent weeks: Fitness app exposes military bases Soldiers’ names revealed by app Google Play filled with fake apps Medical devices easily hacked The internet of things creates risk for the enterprise  Fitness app exposes military bases Strava, the creators […]

IT teams will have to fight with these 5 Cloud Security Threats in 2018

The year 2018 will witness IT teams of big and small companies fighting with the below specified 5 cloud security threats. And if they fail to do so or ignore them, then it could lead them to big trouble. Lack of Responsibility- Most IT heads are in thinking that if they move their apps and […]

US Military Morpheus Computer can thwart Cyber Threats of any level

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of United States Department of Defense is said to be developing a computer equipped with utmost security features making it extremely impossible for hacking. The US Military calls this $50 million Morpheus Computer Project as a nightmare to hackers as it has the potential to thwart cyber attacks […]

Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats of 2018!

The year 2017 witnessed some of the biggest cyber attacks of all times. This includes WannaCry Cyber Attack propelled by North Korea targeting more than 250,000 computers worldwide, NotPetya cyber attack on companies operating in Ukraine & Russia and the much-publicized Equifax data breach which even led to the resignation of the CEO after data […]

ISIS to launch Cyber attacks on Western Countries via Cyber Caliphate

ISIS a terrorist group equivalent to Al-Qaeda’s stature is all set to launch Cyber Attacks on Western Countries via Cyber Caliphate. Speaking to the Senate on the issue, US National Security officials said that the prime target of the Caliphate will be the United States, followed by the UK and other countries in Europe. Sen […]

NHS to spend £20 million to raise its defense against Cyber Attacks

Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is all set to spend £20 million on a Central cybersecurity unit that will use the funds in hiring ethical hackers to probe for vulnerabilities in the healthcare’s IT Infrastructure. As the National Audit Office has concluded last month that the WannaCry attack could have been prevented by basic IT […]

Britain and France call for Digital Cyber Threat Alliance despite Brexit differences!

Britain and France have put all their Brexit differences aside to form a digital alliance to bolster their respective digital defenses. Representatives from both countries who joined the one day conference on Cybersecurity at the UK’s embassy in Paris today said that the event has allowed them to explore opportunities for Franco-British commercial, academic, and […]

Facebook takes initiative to protect Canadian 2019 elections from Cyber Threats

Social Media Giant Facebook has announced that it is going to take an initiative to protect 2019 Canadian elections from Cyber Threats. Facebook is going to fulfill its objective by taking the threats identified by Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSE) on a serious note and addressing them in a proactive way. Note 1- The US […]

Singapore tops the list of nations launching Cyber Attacks

Israel based Cyber Security firm Check Point Software Technologies has listed Singapore as a top nation which launches most cyber attacks on global IT infrastructure. Thus, the small Asian country has overtaken developed nations like Russia, China, United States and the UK on this aspect. Eying Wee, a spokesperson from Asian Pacific’s division of Checkpoint […]

GE offers a ‘Digital Ghost’ to make power plants immune to Cyber Threats

General Electric is offering a human immune system inspired ‘Digital Ghost’ which has the ability to make power plants immune to Cyber Threats. The American conglomerate says that its new offering helps power grids identify and fight harmful cyber threats in time before any cyber crisis causes disruption. In a media briefing offered to our […]

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