Warning of GCHQ on Black Friday Cyber Threats

UK Cyber Intelligence Unit ‘National Cyber Security Center’ has issued a warning that the Black Friday sales could be targeted by cyber crooks from national and international levels. So, the UK’s cybersecurity defense agency, a part of GCHQ has warned all shoppers to stay cautious while shopping for the deal pickings. Readers of the Cybersecurity […]

Pentagon and DHS to help US Companies defend against Cyber Threats

A week before the midterm elections of the United States, The Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security reached an agreement to defend US companies against cyber threats. This includes offering assistance to private companies in all aspects to mitigate cyber risks coming from the adversaries like Russia, China, and Iran. As per the sources […]

IAEA offers training to protect Nuclear Facilities from prevailing Cyber Threats

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced a training program designed to protect Nuclear Facilities from the growing threat of Cyber Attacks. The program which was started in October this year has so far managed to attract the attention of 37 government endorsed participants from 13 countries. Note- IAEA which is based in Austria is […]

Satellites of Canadian military operations are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

An internal defense ministry’s note forwarded to Canadian government states that Satellites used for Canadian military operations are vulnerable to cyber attacks or even direct missile attacks. The alert clearly specifies that some foreign nations such as China and Russia are showing a lot of interest in waging technological attacks in order to create communication […]

Weapons systems of Pentagon are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

As news reports are pouring in that all those computing devices manufactured in China and imported to countries like US and UK are having spying tendencies, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) decided to audit all its computer networks including that of the Pentagon. This includes all IT equipment operating in the server farms of […]

Airbus bags contract to protect EU Institutions against Cyber Threats

Airbus Cybersecurity, the security arm of Airbus SE is said to have bagged a 6-year contract to protect the IT systems of 17 European Institutions, services, and agencies. The company which has over 750 employees will be offering services which include designing cybersecurity services, detection and monitoring of networks. The European Institutions protection contract covers […]

NYC offers a Mobile Security app to protect Smart Phones from Cyber Threats

New York City(NYC) Mayor Bill De Blasio has launched a new mobile security app for Android and iOS platforms yesterday and said that it will help smartphone users to secure their handsets from the cyber threats prevailing in the current cyber landscape. The basic objective of the ‘NYC Secure’ app is to protect New Yorkers […]

Britain to combat Russian Cyber Attacks with £250 Million Cyber Force

United Kingdom has decided to combat its cyber adversaries with a £250 Million Cyber Force. The Theresa May led country has disclosed that the cyber force will help combat terrorist groups and criminal gangs apart from the Cyber Threats emerging from countries like Russia, China, and Iran. Britain’s Cyber Force includes experts from military services […]

Cisco sends fake phishing emails to its employees

Networking Giant Cisco has sent its employee’s fake phishing emails in order to train them against cyber attacks. The objective was to educate them on how phishing emails hit targets and how a corporate network can be defended against such attacks. Steve Martino, the Chief Information Security Officer at Cisco is said to have developed […]

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger raise mobile security alerts

Appthority, a leader in offering enterprise mobile threat protection has released its Enterprise Mobile Security Pulse Report for the second quarter of 2018. And the report says that WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger app usage are found to be most risky in enterprise environments on both iOS and Android devices. The company also specified in its […]

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