DNC provides a new checklist to defend political campaigns from Cyber Attacks

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has issued a checklist on Friday to defend political campaigns from cyber attacks. The objective in providing the catalog is said to offer web security tips to politicians and staff on to build secure passwords and how to defend their social media campaigns from malicious intrusions. Last November, Congress demonstrated […]

How to keep your Gmail account safe from hackers

Nowadays, every online service is being linked to your email account or your phone number and this is what is giving hackers an access point to explore your secrets-if/when the user shows laxity in securing their respective accounts. Keeping aside mobile phone security, for now, let’s talk about email security. Google mail or shortly called […]

How to keep your Smart Phone’s Mobile Security intact

Some smartphone users are in an illusion that just by having an anti-virus solution installed on their device will keep all the cyber troubles related to mobile security at bay. But the truth is that the solution helps just to keep the device isolated from malware and not from other troubles such as extortionware, data-stealing […]

Tips to keep your Online banking safe

As more and more banks are encouraging customers to go digital, the risks associated with the use of online services is also surging up at an alarming rate. Therefore, here are some tips to protect your bank accounts from online thefts. Beware of Phishing Emails- Never click on links in your emails or in the […]

Tips and takeaways from Container World 2018

This post was originally published here by jenks gibbons. Earlier this year we exhibited at Container World, a “must attend” event for anyone looking to grow their organization’s containerization programs. We thought the show was illuminating, and we came back with so many observations and takeaways that we had to blog about them. We certainly noticed […]

Tips to protect you from Cyber Crime

Are you concerned about the ongoing news on cybercrime which is daily popping out on the news feed? Are you interested in saving yourself and your company from the embarrassing repercussions of a cyber attack? Then you should follow the steps suggested by the Queensland police which are as follows- Hackers work out on ways […]

These 10 tips will ensure your containers are compliant

This post was originally published here by cliff turner. If we could call out two things that are growing in importance in 2018, it’s containers and compliance. Why? Well, penalties for data breaches are on the rise, all the while organizations are under increasing pressure to expand their DevOps practices and increase their agility, which leads […]

Five tips for securing Docker containers webinar now available for viewing!

This post was originally published here by casey pechan. Last month we debuted a webinar that answered all of your burning containerization security questions: 5 tips to securing Docker containers. In this webinar we broke down the architectural differences with containers and some of the best practices for securing them. In particular, we discussed how security […]

Steps to nullify the effect of a Cyber Attack!

As enterprises around the world are marching towards digitalization, no organization is said to be immune to cyber-attacks. Remember, if hackers can target companies like Equifax, Yahoo, NSA and SEC they can also take a call at your organization anytime.  So, the question is to be smartly prepared to tackle any and every situation after […]

How businesses can protect their computers from Ransomware like Petya

Worried about Ransomware like Petya crippling your business…? Then just follow these steps to protect your computers from the said malware. 1.) Train your staff to be suspicious- Being suspicious in some cases do works and here’s the best reason to prove it. According to a study carried out by Kaspersky Labs 60% of ransomware […]

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