Russian hackers hijack Iranian hackers to launch Cyber Attack campaigns

A Russian hacking group dubbed as Turla is reported to have hacked into the database of Iranian hackers to launch a cyber-attack campaign targeting over 35 countries, mostly in the Middle East. The other shocking fact which was discovered and revealed by UK’s National Cyber Security Center(NCSC) in association with US Intelligence is that the […]

Russian hacking group Turla alters browser components to install malware

Russian hacking group Turla which is speculated being funded by the Vladimir Putin led government has launched a cyber-attack campaign to alter browser components to install spying malware. It is a malware campaign that is being used to modify encrypted web traffic on Chrome and Firefox browsers.   Previously, the group is known to compromise […]

Switzerland’s Defense Department foils malware related Cyber Attack

Switzerland’s Defense Department has issued a public statement on Friday that its IT department has blocked a malware related cyber attack from penetrating into the government network. However, another attack is said to have disrupted the systems of a contractor working for the foreign affairs department and the damage is yet to be accessed. The […]

Russian Hackers using Britney Spears to empty bank accounts

Russian hackers who could be state funded by Moscow have devised a new plan to empty the bank accounts of innocent victims across the world. They are now hiding messages in the comments of Britney Spears Instagram account which could lead to sophisticated watering hole attacks. As per a post published in Daily Mail, hackers […]

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