Ransomware news currently trending on Google

1.) A cloud computing firm named ‘Trellance‘ recently fell victim to hackers spreading ransomware, causing disruptions and outages for approximately 60 credit unions in the United States. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), responsible for overseeing technology related to federal credit unions, confirmed the incident. NCUA assured the public that systems would be restored within […]

Twitch hacked, and 100GB data stolen

Twitch, the American online streaming platform, was reportedly hacked by an anonymous hacker last month who now claims to leak over 100GB data online to disrupt the future business plans of the victimized company further. Leaked data from the claimed cyber attack includes source code of the streaming platform, some payouts made to developers related […]

Los Angeles proves as a booming paradise for startups

Los Angeles(LA) which happens to be the second largest city in the United States after New York is said to be slowly turning into a booming paradise for tech startups. In recent months, hordes of venture capitals from Northern California are regularly commuting the City of Los Angeles in search of the best real estate […]

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