World’s first AI summit to be hosted in UAE Dubai

The United Arab Emirates shortly known as UAE is all set to become the host for the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Summit where a global dialogue will be churned out on how to harness the technology of AI into the future of governance, business, and society. Dubai’s World Trade Center will be hosting the inaugural […]

Banks in UAE launch a war on Hackers with a new Cyber Threat Intelligence Initiative

It seems that the banks in UAE have launched a war on hackers with a new cyber threat intelligence initiative. The UAE Banks Federation (UBF), a professional body representing 49 banks as members have made it official yesterday that it is launching a new initiative to combat all future cyber threats. UBF has launched 2017 […]

Businesses in gulf are most vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Data Security concerns are increasing day by day. But the most organization still seems to be in a relaxed stage. According to a survey conducted by YouGov, commissioned by BAE systems, many business firms in UAE are still underprepared to shield themselves from cyber attacks. Out of 1000 respondents who participated in the polls, nearly […]

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