Russian cyber attack on Ukraine downs government websites

A few hours ago, Ukraine government’s critical websites were hit by a cyber attack, blocking access to thousands of users from the past 6 hours. Reports are in that the most affected were the embassy websites belonging to UK, US and Swedish operating in Ukraine pointing the suspicion finger towards Russia. From the past 5-6 […]

Ukraine President enforces Information Security Strategy

Amid extreme concerns related to cyber warfare from Russia, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky announced a new information security strategy policy was launched and came into effect early this week. Article 107 of the Constitution of Ukraine proposed a new security strategy for the country’s information systems on October 15,2021 and was waiting for the whole […]

Ukraine hackers spread ransomware to US Healthcare Company

Family Medical Center (FMC) of Michigan, a healthcare center supported by government funding, was targeted by a ransomware attack in July this year. Preliminary inquires revealed that the hackers could have accessed patient info and some medical research work along with the financial credit data. But a detailed investigation launched by the firm stated the […]

CLOP Ransomware gang arrested in Ukraine

After arresting members belonging to Avaddon, DarkSide, and DopplePaymer ransomware groups, the law enforcement of Ukraine in association with the US FBI has announced that it has arrested some key members related to CLOP Ransomware Group.   In a statement issued yesterday, Ukrainian Police revealed that they have taken 6 members of notorious FIN11 aka […]

Russia Cozy Bear targets US Federal Agencies similar to Ukraine 2017 Cyber Attack

In June 2017, many of the banks, energy producers, local networks and state-owned media agencies in Ukraine were targeted by a malware oriented cyber attack from a hacking group named Cozy Bear aka APT29. A detailed probe launched later proved that the group was being backed by Foreign Intelligence Service belonging to Russia, and the […]

Ukraine arrests $42m ransomware gang with Bullet Proof Exchanger Project

The law enforcement department of Ukraine arrested a hackers gang maintaining 20 crypto currency exchanges meant to launder money worth $42 million in Bitcoins to cyber criminals across the world. The arrests were made in June 2020 as a part of ‘Bullet Proof Exchanger’ project put forward by Binance where the government has taken an […]

Ukraine busts hacker behind 773 million password breach of Americans and Europeans

Ukraine has released an official statement yesterday saying that the law enforcement authorities have taken a person named Sanix into custody in association with a password breach related to over 773 million European and American populace.   Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) says that the hacker was convicted about a hack involving 1 million unique […]

Russia using Ukraine as Cyberwarfare testing ground via Gamaredon

Russian funded Gamaredon hacking group has reportedly intensified its cyberattack campaigns against Ukraine; according to a recent report published in ‘SentinelOne’-endpoint protection providing software company.  SentinelOne has highlighted in its report that Russia seems to have made the critical infrastructure of Ukraine as a testing ground to test its newly developed cyberwarfare tools which are mainly […]

Google trending news posts related to Cloud Security and Cybersecurity

Cloud Security   Oracle has finally decided to make its business hold strong in Cloud Security by announcing new services at the annual Open World Conference held in San Francisco this week. The latest set of service portfolio is intended to cut down the complexity in configuring cloud security by automating most of the security […]

Ukraine suspects that Cyber Attack on Black Sea TV was from Russia

Security Service of Ukraine, well known as SBU has officially declared that it has blocked a cyberattack targeted on the servers of Black Sea TV and a radio company. A source from the law enforcement authority of Ukraine said that the suspect behind the attack was Russia. The attack was launched to disrupt the control […]

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