Chinese hacking stories trending on Google

A few days ago, there were reports that China has breached the network of All India Institute of Medical Sciences Servers (AIIMS) in India to siphon data related to over 3 crore patients from the subcontinent. 1.) Now fresh reports are in that a Chinese sponsored hacking group aka APT has stolen $20 million from […]

Microsoft issues warning against Ransomware attack on Poland, Ukraine and Bulgaria

Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence Centre (MSTIC) has issued an alert to organizations operating in Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria against a ransomware campaign that’s functioning with an aim to either wipe data off the target or to encrypt it until a ransom is paid. Interestingly, the campaign starts after stealing of Active Director admin account credentials and […]

Russia launched DDoS attack on Ukraine Nuclear Plant

Ukraine Nuclear Plant was targeted by a DDoS cyber attack launched by a group of cyber hackers. And details are in that the digital assault was launched by the Kremlin-funded ‘People’s Cyber Army’. Getting deep into the details, Ukraine’s Energoatom has released a press statement dismissing rumors that the whole of its power plant was […]

Russia launching wiper malware cyber attacks against Ukraine

After almost 6 months of war with Ukraine, Russia seems to have hit it digitally and so is reportedly launching wiper cyber attacks that could clean off data on the targeted computers on a permanent note. Revealing the same at the Black Hat USA 2022 Security conference, Thomas Hegel and Juan Andres Guerrero, both working […]

Russia Ukraine War ejects cyber attack concerns in the Britain

After the cyber attack on the British Army’s Twitter and YouTube feed, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued a warning against Russian hacking efforts on National Infrastructure. The cyber arm of GCHQ is urging organizations to give regular breaks to the frontline cyber workforce to recharge, as the work pressure will quadruple in […]

Britain hospitals to be cyber attacked by Russian Sleeper cells

Dr. Melanie Garson, an international security specialist working for the University College of London, expressed her deep concerns about national security while interacting with a news web resource. She said that hospital infrastructure was on the verge of being cyber-attacked by Russian sleeper cells, whose aim is to disrupt the healthcare infrastructure and to create […]

Conti Ransomware to shut down and come rebranded into multiple groups

Conti Ransomware gang has announced that it is going to shut down its digital operations and will come as a rebranded version split into multiple groups soon. According to the intelligence update provided by security vendor AdvIntel, the group was forced to take this action because of internal conflicts developed in its syndicate after its […]

Cyber Space has become a new domain for warfare, says Microsoft

Speaking at the Microsoft Envision held in London UK, Microsoft President Brad Smith said that cyberspace has become a new domain for cyber warfare. He argued that his perspective was cemented as soon as Russia started its invasion of Ukraine, where it not only attacked the nation’s populace from air, land, and water. But also […]

Russia launched multiple cyber attacks on Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest has experienced multiple numbers of cyber threats from Russian Federation and the reason is that Ukraine had fair enough of chances to win the competition through Kalush Orchestra. Killnet hacking group that is being funded by Kremlin was assigned the duty to disrupt the servers of Eurovision to block Ukraine winning all […]

Google is protecting Ukraine from State Sponsored Cyber Attacks of Russia

Russia is not only indulging in a physical war with Ukraine, but has been consistently attacking it on a digital note via cyber attacks. But thankfully, God and Google seem to be on the side of Ukrainians, as the former has been saving most of them from the physical war, while the latter has been […]

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