Motorola mobiles suffering from stack overflow vulnerability

To all those who are using Motorola mobiles across the world, here’s a news piece that needs your immediate attention. Those using devices operating on UNISOC Tiger T700 Chipsets such as Moto G20, E30 and E40 smart phones are warned that their mobiles are suffering from stack overflow vulnerability. Due to chip shortage, Motorola was […]

Vulnerabilities on UNISOC Processors loaded Android Phones

All those who are using an Android phone running on a UNISOC chipset are being warned that their devices are vulnerable to remote attacks where the cyber crooks can block or intercept communications to manipulate thereafter. UNISOC is one of china’s mobile processor manufacturers and the component is used on millions of smartphones that are […]

Serious vulnerability observed on Unisoc processors loaded Android Phones

A vulnerability alert has been issued against the smartphone devices operating on Unisoc processors, and the cyber threat seems to be serious as hackers can take control of the device to access text messages, call logs, contacts, and other such information like photos and videos. A report released by Kryptowire mentions that threat actors can […]

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