United Nations

United Nations data stolen via Cyber Attack

Cybersecurity firm Resecurity has confirmed that a hacker/s have breached the systems related to United Nations leading to the data breach. And preliminary inquiry has suggested that the attack took place as the cyber crooks gained login access into the governmental organization that operates with the aim to maintain international peace and security. Gene Yoo, […]

UN Security Council holds meeting on Cybersecurity

As cyber threats on government infrastructure of various countries are growing, the UN Security Council has held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing threats and mitigation remedies required to be followed by nations. Early this month, the same issue was brought to the notice of Russian President Vladimir Putin by Biden Administration that […]

Cyber Attack on UN offices in Geneva and Vienna

A statement released by United Nations yesterday says that its offices in Geneva and Vienna fell prey to a cyber attack which was caused in the middle of last year. Sources say that the hackers managed to access the database storing user accounts, but then after establishing their position went dormant for reasons.   UN’s […]

Emotet malware attack on Email users at the United Nations

Email Users at the United Nations were targeted with sophisticated phishing attacks by Emotet malware operators. Reports are in that the operators who developed Emotet have now devised a phishing email campaign in the name of the Permanent Mission of Norway. The hackers are seen pretending to deliver accounting forms, delivery notifications, and invoices which […]

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