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Joe Biden to unite 30 countries against Ransomware Cyber Threats

US President Joe Biden’s administration has plans to unite over 30 nations to launch a collective fight against ransomware threats and other cyber crime. The meeting is said to take place only by the end of this month and will be hosted by the White House’s National Security Council on a virtual note. Highly placed […]

US DHS sends Cyber Threat alert to Private aircraft owners including Air Force One

United States Department of Homeland Security shortly termed as DHS has issued a nationwide warning to those who own private air crafts and small jets. The DHS states that these small aircraft can easily be hacked by threat actors who get physical access by any chance. Security experts from DHS say that aircrafts can be […]

US President Donald Trump creates a blooper related to Mobile Security

US President Donald Trump has done a mistake of his lifetime by handing over his mobile number to the staff members of world leaders. It was an unusual invitation that broke the regular diplomatic protocol which has been followed by White House for decades. As per our sources, the situation raised for the president to […]

Trump Ransomware is just a disguise of VenusLocker

A new Ransomware is on the prowl which not only locks the victim’s computer/database but also posts a meme photo of the US President Donald Trump after the ransom note. The said new ransomware has originated in the past couple of weeks and is has succeeded in infecting around 3 manufacturing companies so far. Security […]

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