North Korea hackers sending Corona Vaccine related phishing emails

The relationship between North Korea and South Korea is not on good terms for the past few years and that’s probably because of the notorious mind and actions of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Fresh reports are in that a hacking group possibly funded by North Korea Intelligence has been strategically targeting South Korean citizens […]

Cyber Threat to Healthcare and Corona Virus Vaccine supply

Amid fears that the newly mutated & detected Omicron variant of Corona could trigger a lockdown across the world, security experts warn that some group of threat actors probably funded by adversary governments are threatening to disrupt the healthcare services and vaccine supply meant to contain the spread of COVID-19 on a global note. According […]

Bioterrorists to trick COVID-19 Vaccine Developers with Malware

Security researchers at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev has discovered that Bio-terrorists can trick COVID-19 Vaccine Developers with malware and can alter the vaccines with toxic chemicals and deadly viruses in labs. This is possible by altering the sub-string DNA in the code with a new sequence and then leaving no trace of […]

Cyber Attacks on COVID 19 Vaccine producers in Japan

CrowdStrike, a US-based Cyber Security firm has disclosed that all the COVID 19 vaccine producers in Japan are at risk of being cyber attacked. The researchers of the firm have also confirmed that the attacks could be launched by some state-funded groups from China and Russia.    “As Pharma companies are competing against each other […]

Russia denies Cyber Attacks on COVID 19 Vaccine Research Labs

As soon as the UK and its allies-USA and Canada started to accuse Russia for launching cyberattacks on their research labs to steal data related to Corona Virus medicine/vaccine, Russia has denied the allegations readily by stating that it never asked any hacker or hackers group to steal data till date.   Andrei Kelin, the […]

China trying to steal US COVID 19 vaccine development via Cyber Attacks

In an interactive webinar session launched by CISO Magazine, Bryan Ware the Assistant Director for Cybersecurity- Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said that some malicious cyber actors were trying to steal the documents detailing the COVID 19 vaccine development in United States. Mr. Bryan Ware who is also a head of CISA said that the […]

What did hackers from Russia steal from British Corona Virus Labs

Russia has been launching Cyber Attacks on British Universities researching the vaccine to curb COVID 19 and this was confirmed by a post published in ‘Daily Mail’ last week. The newspaper also added in its post that hackers linked to Kremlin and Iran were behind the cyber attack campaign whose mere intention was to steal […]

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